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Updated June 1, 2023
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If you are looking for an adult electric scooter to tool around town in or for commuting to work, chances are you have come across the URB-E folding electric scooter. It’s a favorite among the best electric scooter enthusiasts thanks to its many features, lightweight, and the ability to fold it down and carry it when needed. We recently spent some time researching the Urbe to see if it is really worthy of all the praise it has been getting.

Did we love it or hate it? Read the rest of this buyer’s guide to find out.

Does the URB-E Electric Scooter live up to the hype?

The URB-E electric scooter is a popular choice for those who want to have fun or commute for short distances to work. This is not your run-of-the-mill kick scooter. In fact, many consider it to be one of the best sit-down scooters on the market. We had been hearing a lot about this very capable URB electric scooter, so we had to try it out to let you know how it really performs. For another model we like, read our Razor E300S review.


  • Great Performance
  • Lots Of Features
  • Light Weight


  • Expensive
  • Range and Speed Could Be Better

Urb-E Electric Scooter Build Quality And Design

The build quality of this personal transport is excellent. The frame is made from sapa extruded aircraft-grade aluminum. This is what makes it lightweight and extremely durable.  This Urbe electric folding scooter weighs just 35 pounds with a rider weight limit of 250 pounds. Right away, you notice that it has an odd design, but I loved it. The square-shaped frame has large holes in it, lending to that odd look, but this is an ingenious way to reduce the weight without sacrificing stability. That design and the profile of this scooter make for a very pleasing ride that feels stable and comfortable.  If you are searching for a top-of-the-line scooter, a good example is described in our Uberscoot 1600W review. Or, if you haven’t decided that a scooter is the way you want to go, check out our comparison of a boosted board vs an electric scooter to see which is best for you.

How Powerful Is The URB-E?

The Urbe electric scooter has a powerful 350 W rear-mounted motor that delivers some awesome torque. It has a maximum speed of 17 miles per hour, which is a great cruising speed for a commuter scooter. At first, I wished that it was faster, but honestly, this is all you need. This adult electric scooter is designed for reliable travel, not to be a speed demon.  It has a 20-mile range, which again isn’t the best out there, but it’s enough for most people’s needs. A 20-mile range will get you where you need to go in most cases. For a similar scooter, you can check out the Tomoloo electric scooter, which has a top speed of 15.5 mph and a range of about 18.5 miles. The seat is comfortable, and this vehicle handles hills easily, so it is great whether you are in Los Angeles or San Francisco. The front wheel and rear wheel disc brakes work flawlessly. The Urbe scooter also has nice big 10-inch pneumatic tires. And we love pneumatic tires on our scooters. This urban transportation vehicle is a performer, and the ride feels smooth and pleasant. To check out a scooter with an upgraded 350W hub motor for explosive acceleration, read our Xprit folding electric kick scooter review.

Charging Time

The 36v Lithium-ion battery is the power source, and it will charge in 2-3 hours, which is pretty decent. It doesn’t take long to get this scooter charged up and on the road. This is a better charge time than the Swagtron Swagger 5, which recharges in around 3.5 hours.

Bottom Line and URB-E Folding Electric Scooter Wrap Up

This Urbe electric scooter has a superior build quality that will stand up to any abuse, is reliable, and thanks to the comfortable seat, beautiful design, and those large tires, delivers a sweet smooth ride every time, comparable to some electric bikes. It is one of the best commuting vehicles we have researched. The maximum speed of 17 miles per hour is a comfortable top speed to get you where you are going. That 20-mile range will suit most users as well. And we love that it folds easily and is easy to carry on public transport. That’s one of the big draws of foldable electric scooters. Convenience. This electric folding scooter is worth the expensive purchase price. We love this odd-looking electric vehicle.

It is a lot of fun and comes in a few different versions, like the Pro GT and the Sport GT. The Urbe sports series has a more traditional design, while the Urbe pro gt series is more like the model we researched. It may be expensive, but you can get free delivery if using Amazon Prime.  The Pro GT Red is a very popular choice, but I prefer the Urbe Pro. The folding electric scooter pro gt models are getting really popular now. No matter which you choose, this is going to be an awesome urban commuter.  It was a privilege to research this model and to write this buyer’s guide.

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