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For those who want a replacement battery that could work really well in cold conditions, the Upstart Battery ub-ytx12-bs is the one to choose. If you want to go out in different weather conditions such as rain or snow, you can get this activated maintenance free ATV battery knowing it is still going to offer you an incredible performance in weather climates that aren’t ideal, making this possibly the best ATV battery. You could use this device for over two years without needing to replace it due to its excellent quality.

Why We Like It – UpStart Battery UB-YTX12-BS

The Upstart Battery ub-ytx12-bs is a ATV Honda rechargeable battery that offers a high performance, can be mounted in any position, at any temperature, and nicely resists shocks and vibration. The actual charge lasts a long time, allowing for hours and hours of fun.

  • Great replacement
  • Weatherproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Packaging can be more protective


This CC factory activated maintenance free battery that is going to last you longer than expected…and if you find that it doesn’t, it comes with a one year warranty for protection. In fact, you should be able to go years without needing to change this upstart battery. And the maintenance free guarantee is quite a bit of reassurance. Like the Chrome Battery YTX12-BS iGel ATV Battery, whether it’s at high or low temperatures, you’re going to get a spill proof battery that can last longer than most. Also, this can be mounted in any position while it resists vibrations and shocks.


With the positive on the left, the negative on the right, the design is a standard ATV battery one. Also, this Honda lead acid battery has a shiny sturdy look and feels heavy enough to be quality. Like the Yuasa yuam320bs ytx20l BS Battery, this is for the battery and screws only, there is no wire harness or mounting accessories included…although those can be bought separately . The mounting for low resistant shock and vibration is sturdy and feels quality. Clearly ideal for ATVs because it can surely take a beating.


You are getting an excellent product for the price, thanks to it being spill proof, it operates under high and low temperatures, and also having a high discharge rate. And like the Chrome Battery YTX14-BS ATV Battery, the money back guarantee gives you even more incentive to buy this excellent rechargeable battery with a long service life. The fact that it’s also backed by a solid one year warranty gives you that extra protection letting you know that you are covered.

UpStart Battery UB-YTX12-BS Wrap Up

With it being factory activated and low maintenance, the Upstart Battery ub-ytx12-bs is the perfect lead acid ATV battery for you. With an excellent price point, it is very affordable. The money back guarantee policy and one year warranty is a nice perk. It comes fully charged and ready to use, and will not leak. The charge lasts and you can feel comfortable knowing that you can go a long distance without having to stop your ATV fun. Also, this can be mounted in any position while it resists vibrations and shocks.

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