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Updated June 27, 2022
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In this futuristic world of Upload, the afterlife has become a digital experience where someone on the verge of death can choose to upload themselves into a digital realm where they continue to live their lives in beautiful resorts with every opportunity to communicate with loved ones in the real world with the exception of not physically being the the same space ever again. It is no surprise that a sci-fi future like this one made our Best Shows On Amazon, along with classics like Babylon 5. For those who are yet to subscribe to any streaming site, you may check our extensive list of the best streaming services.

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Why We Like It – Upload Review

Upload is the type of series that is great to binge on for its high concept futuristic world. If you are interested in witnessing this sci fi future it is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. This show revolves on a new digital afterlife where humans pass away to the “good place” by uploading themsleves into a machine. This series was created by Greg Daniels.

  • The high concept world is developed wonderfully
  • Feels like a black mirror episode
  • None at this point in the season

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Robbie Amell plays Nathan Brown, the young man that recently passed away in an autonomous vehicle accident. Robbie is the main protagonist of the series, we experience the upload experience through his eyes. Robbie is accompanied by his angel Nora, played by Andy Allo, and she ensures he has a quality time during Upload and doesn’t go crazy. Between both these characters the plot thickens as Robbie depends on Nora for guidance, and sanity in the digital afterlife. After this dramatic sci fi show fully unfolds, there are still plenty of other series to binge watch like The Boys, a story about corrupt superheroes.


The futuristic design from the autonomous cars, integrated cell phones, and maple bacon donuts will keep you hooked to this series just to look at all the gadgets the writers imagined. It is all very creative, and it is the type of future someone can look forward to. The world of Upload involves weather changes from a dial in your home, and food that disappears the instant that the time for breakfast is over. It gives me Black Mirror vibes. When this Sci fi thriller becomes too abstract to handle, a better series to watch will be the spy thriller The Americans.


The futuristic design in this show is enough to watch it all the way through, but the plot becomes another wild factor that is also worth watching. The digital afterlife will have many surprises at every turn as the conflicts rise. It will be interesting to see how Robbie and Nora’s relationship expands as they become more in tune with each other. It is worth sticking through season one to see how the digital afterlife holds up at the end for Robbie.

Upload Review Wrap Up

The Upload Series from Amazon Studios is a great show that presents a highly creative technological future. The gadgets will constantly keep you engaged, and the interactions between humans in this life and death situation brings something new to the scene. Fans of sci fi will surely have to dive into this show themselves and discover the world of Upload.

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