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If you’re someone looking for a lightweight yet simultaneously sturdy standing desk, the Uplift V2 may just be the choice for you. Although the newly designed anti collision detection feature and the glides may not be the best thing to have, the Uplift V2 also comes with some smooth height adjusting features paired with a good weight capacity. And while it is more expensive than the Varidesk Prodesk 60, it provides a better range of performance thanks to the ergonomically designed bamboo frame that is also pretty stylish. And so paired with the moderately good controller, the Uplift V2 may potentially be the best standing desk for office use.

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Why We Like It – Uplift v2

A lightweight and adjustable standing desk that also has a pretty good weight capacity, the Uplift V2 is among one of the more unique choices that comes with its own share of benefits. Moving past the few drawbacks it brings, you get yourself a 355lbs weight capacity as well as a maximum height range of almost 49 Inches. And paired with the fact that it comes with three stage dual motors that offers a smooth change in height whilst also staying stable, the Uplift V2 standing desk may just be one of the best choices for many of you out there. We know because we have reviewed what features to look for in a standing desk.

  • Lightweight yet solid build
  • Smooth height adjusting
  • Good Weight capacity and stability
  • Anti-Collision feature is a bit faulty
  • Glides between leg segments aren’t the most durable

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With the lightweight cast aluminum feet and the bamboo top, the Uplift V2 is among the more lightweight electric standing desks out there. Now while lightweight feet do harm the desks stability, with the 48 mounting hole system and the cross support system, the desk manages to handle upto 355lbs whilst also still being able to adjust the height. The dual motor system allows you to change the height at a rate of 1.57 Inches per second although it does fall a little short in real time use, it still makes it possible for you to carry the height between 22.6 Inches and 48.7 Inches standing height for comfort of different people with varying heights.

However, while all of this is certainly true to a certain extent, the new Uplift V2 desk still comes with the same, not so great Jiecang electric base as it’s predecessor. And so with that, this Uplift Desk does end up having a strained motor that produces 50 decibels of noise, or more, when lifting anything above 250lbs. As for the control box for the height you get to choose from a number of digital memory keypads, starting with the standard vertical height adjustable controller with just an up and down button, a higher priced memory keypad with 4 programmable heights and the final advanced comfort digital controller for easier use when standing up. You can also choose from a one-touch and constant-touch option for a more convenient height adjustment method. However, do note that the one-touch method may raise some safety considerations, which although can be fought back with the anti collision detection feature, may still be risky considering the over sensitivity of the feature.

Moving onto the set up of the Uplift V2 commercial sit-stand desk you will need some extra tools for the installation process, but with everything at hand it should take you about 90 minutes at the most which is similar to the process of the ApexDesk Elite. Moreover, with the commercial frame the Uplift V2-commercial bamboo standing desk offers the possibility of expanding the wideness of the desk from 42Inches to 80Inches with separate attaching pieces.

Apart from the desk frame, these Uplift Desks come with adjustable foot glides of ⅜ Inches which although pretty useful does come with it’s own share of drawbacks. They aren’t the most durable and may begin to wear down with oil running down the legs after a certain period of time.

And finally, the desk also comes with a fair bit of wire management allowing you to organize everything ranging from your monitor arms to keyboard on the desk V2. You can also choose from 48 different desktop options of accessory to make your office furniture more aesthetic and functional at the same time. However, you do not get a keyboard tray like the Seville Classics AIRLIFT which may be a bit of a drawback for some people, but not something that will ruin your desk experience.


The Uplift V2 frame being made of aluminum and the top of bamboo solid wood, you get a pretty nice desk experience that isn’t as prone to stains compared to the Seville Classics AIRLIFT. And being both solid and stylish at the same time, the Uplift V2 desk comes with almost everything you can ask for in a standing desk Uplift has produced. You do get to choose from a number of colour options for the frame and legs as well as the top wood for more customizability.

Aside from that, the curved ergonomic design also makes it possible for you to reach across the desk whenever you need to without having to get up from your seat and thus making for a more flexible user experience.


Priced at about $590, the Uplift V2 is most certainly among the more expensive standing desks out there. It has received quite a good amount of desk reviews from customers and also provides you with a return shipping offer, thus making for a pretty good offer. So if you’re someone who needs a desk that is both lightweight but still capable of handling a good amount of weight and is also pretty easy to adjust, the Uplift V2 may just be the standing desk for you. But for this price range it may not be worth it, as you can get something more affordable like the Seville Classics AIRLIFT out there, that is also similarly well performing, if not better. And if you need to contact someone for a return purchase, consider checking out their page for the email address or address at The Human Solution.

Uplift v2 Wrap Up

While it may not be the most affordable or the most perfectly performing standing desk, the Uplift V2 performs considerably well for the most part. The anti-collision detection feature and the glide system do remain at a certain bit of fault, but other than that, if you’re okay with the height range of 22.6 to 48.7 Inches and you also don’t have to place anything above 250lbs on top of the desk, the Uplift V2 makes for a pretty capable and easy to control standing desk. However, if you can’t afford as much for a standing desk, don’t be worried as there are plenty of options like the Seville Classics AIRLIFT standing desk which are greatly worth considering.

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