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Updated December 1, 2022

Gaming chairs can be extremely expensive, and consumers may be wary about purchasing a brand new chair when their current chair still functions within normal parameters.


  • If you have an old gaming chair lacking ergonomic features, you may not have to purchase a brand-new one.
  • You can purchase plenty of simple attachments and upgrades to get your current gaming chair up to speed.
  • These upgrades include lumbar support pillows, posterior and coccyx cushions, and ergonomic footrests.

Upgrade Your Chair Instead of Buying a New One

The good news here is that you don’t have to buy a brand-new gaming chair, assuming your current chair is still operating and holding your weight. There are plenty of relatively inexpensive add-ons and accessories you can buy that will turn your dated gaming chair into a modern marvel. Remember that as you upgrade to a better, more advanced gaming chair, you must always sit properly to work with the ergonomic features. If you’re unsure about ergonomic features, read our guide to what is an ergonomic chair.

Best Updates for a Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs have many benefits, including adjustability, ergonomic comfort, and special connection features. This makes a gaming chair worth it over traditional office chairs. Here are some of the most useful and beneficial upgrades you can easily make to any gaming chair that has become advanced in age.

Lumbar Support Pillows

Newer gaming chairs tend to include lumbar support pillows, or the backseat matches the natural curvature of the human spine, eschewing the need for a lumbar pillow. If you have an older gaming chair, you may not receive adequate lumbar support, which could lead to discomfort and injury. Lumbar support cushions offer an easy solution to this problem, as they wrap around the seatback of a gaming chair and provide ample support for the lumbar region of the spine. Many of these pillows are made from memory foam, so they will adapt to your spinal curvature over time. Furthermore, if you need additional info on lumbar support, check out our articles on how to attach lumbar support to a gaming chair and what is the top-rated lumbar support for an office chair.

Insider Tip

Repeated posterior strain can lead to injury over time, so it is important to minimize this discomfort.

Posterior Cushions

The posterior region, including the coccyx, can experience pain and discomfort during long gameplay sessions. Repeated posterior strain can lead to injury over time, so it is important to minimize this discomfort. That is where posterior cushions come in. These comfortable pillows have been purpose-built to match the natural shape and contours of your posterior region, decreasing pain and minimal risk of injury. Take the time to thoroughly research these posterior cushions to ensure you get one that matches your needs.

Ergonomic Footrests

The most expensive gaming chairs, including those manufactured by Herman Miller, tend to include robust tilt and tilt lock mechanisms. You can mimic the benefits of spinal-aligned tilt simply by purchasing an ergonomic footrest and placing it on the floor in front of your gaming chair. A simple footrest can add fantastic posture support and dynamically enhance your sitting position. In other words, the footrest will encourage you to move around while sitting, which should improve blood flow and overall postural health.

If you’re fully prepared concerning ergonomics and lumbar support in your gaming chair, you’ll want to move on to customizations. These can include how to put speakers in a gaming chair and how to use a USB port on a gaming chair.


If you have an older gaming chair, though, you may not be receiving adequate lumbar support, which could lead to discomfort and injury.


Are gaming chairs ergonomic?

Many of the best modern gaming chairs are certainly ergonomic, with features in line with the best office task chairs. Not all gaming chairs, however, are ergonomic, so do your research.

What is a gaming chair?

A gaming chair is a chair that has been manufactured primarily for gamers, though these chairs share commonalities with traditional office task chairs.

Gaming chair versus office chair?

Modern gaming chairs and office chairs do share some key similarities. They both tend to be ergonomically designed and highly adjustable, though gaming chairs tend to be more colorful and aesthetically unique.

STAT: According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, as many as 80% of Americans experience back pain. (source)

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