Unzano Full HD Webcam Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

For video conferencing on Skype, clarity and wide angles matter most. It just so happens the Unzano Full HD Webcam can output in 1080p with 100-degree viewing angle, a must-have for the best webcam for Skype, and the best wireless Webcam.


Why We Like It – Unzano Full HD Webcam

Giving popular brands a run for their money, the Unzano Full HD Webcam is packing 1080p resolution for video calls, streaming, and recording at a reasonably cheaper price.

  • High quality 1080p
  • Goes well w/ white lighting
  • Gives name brand a run for its money
  • Lacks a privacy shutter
  • Doesn’t auto-focus

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Type, Lens, Size & Weight

A 6-layer glass lens adds some relatively clearer image than glass. With a max focal length of 70 millimeters and a wide 100-degree viewing angle, the Unzano Full HD Webcam can handle four people in a single shot. It’s notably smaller than the Logitech C270 Widescreen HD Webcam, with dimensions of 4.50 x 2.60 x 4.50 inches and weighing 6.24-oz.

Resolution & Display

Having 720p would be considered “good quality,” which makes 1080p that much better on the Unzano Full HD Webcam than the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. You’ll notice yellow is not the best background lighting; you’ll get better image quality using white lighting.

Tripod & Image Stability

We highly suggest you take advantage of the Unzano PC Web Camera’s tripod-ready base. The clip-on design it uses doesn’t always function well and may lead to frustration.

Optical Zoom, Microphone, Audio & Storage

While the Unzano PC Webcam doesn’t have zoom or internal storage, it does have noise reduction added to the microphone. It improves the audio quality a great deal, but ultimately you should resort to external options.


If you can’t get your hands on a name brand live streaming webcam, you already have a good enough reason to grab an Unzano Full HD Webcam. It’s packing the quality of name brand, but at a price easier on your wallet. It’s $20 cheaper than the Logitech HD Webcam C525! Clear image, great video quality, and built rather well. If you take the chance, you’ll find it was a safe bet.

Unzano Full HD Webcam Wrap Up

It doesn’t take much to manually focus the Unzano Full HD Webcam. After doing it once, you rarely revisit it again, provided you aren’t constantly changing positions. Why should that keep you from snagging a great deal? You get 1080p video resolution and pairs well with lighting, all for $40!

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