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If you’re looking for a youth baseball glove that has quality material, needs a little time to break in, and has a classic baseball glove design, the Unihoh Baseball Glove Softball Gloves are the perfect choice. Whether this is an accessory for softball or tee ball glove, this is the best choice for someone who is looking for extra comfort and protection. The high density cushion palm, as well as the index finger pads make it perfect to catch the softball or baseball with little to no sting on hands, making this one the best baseball gloves. Depending on your size, this can be good for kids youth adult, of multiple sizes.

Why We Like It – Unihoh Baseball Glove Softball Gloves

The Unihoh Baseball Glove Softball Gloves are a strong, flexible, classic glove design that uses a PU leather material for a fairly lightweight authentic baseball mitt. Little hands will be well protected from hard balls which is definitely a plus for all parents.

  • Strong leather
  • Protection
  • Good price
  • Straps need tightening


This glove performs exactly the way a youth softball glove should. Material, comfort, are all the number one focus points just as other gloves, like the Ferdim baseball glove. Teeball, baseball, and softball players seem to all agree that the comfort and sturdiness of this glove, with the right size, is going to give you a better edge. Like the Franklin Sports Baseball Glove, It’s lightweight and surprisingly effective when protecting smaller hands from stinging fastballs.


Like a teeball glove, this one is nice and snug to protect smaller hands from harder throws. And its shape, much like the Rawlings Renegade Baseball Glove, is perfect for those who catch with the right hand, throw left. Gloves made by Unihoh have a quality material that is soft to the touch, but very sturdy. For this model, you’re gonna get a left hand glove, (right hand throw). You can see the double reinforcement stitching just like professional baseball gloves. With a good yank of the leather string, you can make sure that the glove is a perfect fit for smaller players looking to use nothing but the best.


For the kind of quality you are getting with the material, with it being lightweight, weather resistant, and pliable, the price is definitely lower than it should be. Opposed to other gloves at this price range, this one offers a high density cushion palm and index finger pads which make it ideal for catching without any pain. And for a little hands, that is a major concern for most parents. Like the Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove, gloves with a double reinforcement, and a double suture thread, usually cost a little extra than this one’s going to run you. Definitely a good deal for a glove like this.

Unihoh Baseball Glove Softball Gloves Wrap Up

Unihoh Baseball Glove Softball Gloves are youth sized high-quality softball gloves that are perfect for young hands of all sizes. The high density cushioned palm and index finger pads make it just right for catching baseballs and adds extra comfort and protection to reduce sting on the hands. With a double reinforcement leather cord and double suture thread, the glove is sturdy and strong and should last for a long time. Definitely a good buy for little league or at home play.

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