Uniden R3 Extreme Long range Radar Laser Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Uniden R3 extreme long range radar laser has what it takes to be the Best Cordless Radar Detector because it has an extensive database for finding the majority of traffic cameras anxious to hand out fat tickets. When it comes to the best radar detectors, you can expect to receive updates that will improve the detector bringing you more precision every time.

Why We Like It – Uniden R3 Extreme Long range Radar Laser

The Uniden R3 extreme long range radar laser is a great investment for all drivers. This detector gets progressively better as you use it since the GPS functions record its mistakes to make sure it doesn’t produce false alerts often. It is a long range radar detector that will give you a good chance to react to any oncoming speed traps.

  • The GPS function will track down frequent false alarms to provide more precision
  • Voice alerts keep your eyes on the road
  • May be more than you budgeted for


This device is designed to get better over time. After successfully mounting the suction cups on your windshield, you are prepared to roll. Through GPS and advanced false alert filtering, it can achieve better precision and provide accurate readings for radar coming your way. Any notifications on red light cameras or radar guns will be shown on the color OLED display and also pair with voice alerts. When you want to minimize the number of alerts you are receiving, you can also perform speed muting so you can focus on a certain speed.


This laser detector has long and short range capabilities and can detect a plethora of traffic cameras through the K band, Ka band, X Band, and more. If you would like to check out what the competition is offering, you may want to learn about the Valentine One radar detector.


Since this laser radar detector has a suction cup design, you may be putting yourself at risk of it suddenly dropping when the suction cup ceases to stick to the windshield, so be advised. You also have the option to invest in a protection plan in case of any problems. If you would like to see more from the Uniden company, another model you may be interested in is the Uniden dfr8.

Ease of Use

The Uniden device uses an easy button interface. On top of the device are buttons for volume, menu, and power. The front screen will give you the max speed, and you can also see the bands which are around you at that particular moment. Luckily there is no need to be constantly looking at the device since the voice alerts keep your eyes on the road. As you use this device more, it will be accustomed to your routes and save itself from alarming you with false alerts making it easier to use as you go. Feel free to also take a look at the Uniden r3 review.


If you are getting caught on speed cameras, or you simply just want to prevent them from ever catching you speeding this may be the ideal device for your vehicle. Unlike other competitors, this device will grow with you and get used to the routes you take and in the end, it will determine the real signals from the fake and give you more time to prepare for the road ahead with certainty. If you are not sold at this point, it may be time to check out other products such as the Escort solo s4 radar detector.

Uniden R3 Extreme Long range Radar Laser Wrap Up

Having this device by your side, you can expect better accuracy over time and never have to worry about losing sight on the road. When you combine an advanced false alert filtering with GPS technology and frequent updates, you end up with the unmistakable powerful Uniden R3 extreme long range radar laser.

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