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Finding the Best Cordless Radar Detector amongst the plethora of devices available can be difficult. The Uniden dfr8 is a laser detector that has helped many customers escape speeding tickets by notifying them about nearby radars and giving them enough time to moderate their speed to a particular street or highway limit. Although it is not the best radar detector out there, it does the job well enough.

Why We Like It – Uniden DFR8

The Uniden DFR8 is a laser radar detector that provides a wide field of range to give you plenty of time to react to any radar signal coming from the police. The voice alerts will keep your eyes on the road, and it will receive continuous updates from the Uniden company to improve. At the end of the day when you are done with this detector, you can safely store it into its carrying case where it will avoid the majority of physical harm.

  • People were impressed by the long range this detector provided
  • Updatable firmware helps it improve even after the purchase
  • Does not detect the speed cameras


This detector will read information from the K band, X Band, Ka band, and uses an advanced k ka band filter to help you look at bands separately. When it has detected a radar close to you, it will provide a voice alert while simultaneously showing the information on the OLED display. You will receive some firmware updates after purchase to keep your device up to date. If you would like to see more from the Uniden company, feel free to check out the Uniden r3 extreme long range radar laser.


The DFR8 super long range laser radar detector will give you enough time to figure out what to do once you get notified of any radars nearby. If you need your next detector to have related features such as a long range detection, you may want to also check out the Valentine One radar detector.


These Uniden radar detectors come with a carrying case, so after using it you can store it and keep it safe from damage. The laser detector comes with a suction cup design that helps it stay up on your windshield, and many customers said that it held up sturdy. If you need some more peace of mind, you can add a protection plan just in case. For a radar detector with small-sized transporters, ultra-high power laser nodes and more, read the TMG alpha 15 review.

Ease of Use

The Uniden DFR8 has a simple design; the front screen portion of the device displays the different radar bands being detected. On top of this device are a power button, a menu button, and volume buttons. You won’t have to worry about keeping your eyes off the road since you will receive voice alerts that make using this detector much easier. When the time comes that you need to update firmware, there is a micro USB cable provided. If you would like to see a different take on the laser detector, feel free to check out what the competition is offering, such as the Escort solo s4 radar detector.


Laser detection is a great way to feel more at ease while out on the road because you will be more in control of your speed when you need to the most. The amount of money that can be saved from tickets will be outstanding, and this detector will pay itself off in no time. Although one thing to keep in mind about this detector is that it will not pick up on speed cameras, which leaves a significant dent in bringing you total awareness of the road. The Uniden r3 extreme long range radar laser review details a device with extreme long range.

Uniden DFR8 Wrap Up

The Uniden dfr8 radar detection device is a great addition to any car because staying in the know with radar guns may save you from interacting with cops. It is a bummer that it cannot detect speed cameras as well, but there are other models that are able to. Many customers have raved about loving this device’s super long range because it gave them enough time to react in a calm collected manner.

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