Une Bobine iPhone Lightning Cable Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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Rarely would I write about a charging cable.  But the Une Bobine is anything but just that.  Yes, it will charge just about any mobile device.  But what makes it unique is its cord.  Or in this case, flexible cord. If you’d rather charge on a dock, read our Native Union Dock + for iPhone review. And while you are at it, also read our review of the best iPhone.

First off, the Une Bobine comes in a variety of flavors.  And by flavors I mean plugs; microUSB (for Android), Lightning, or 30-pin (iPhone 4s or later).  Second off, it’s costs $35.  However, that price only applies to the Lightning version of the cable.  You can thank Apple for that, as it’s likely a reflection of their licensing fee.  The other versions are $15 less, or $20. If you’re missing a brick, you might also be interested in how the PoweriSite turns your DeWalt battery into an iPhone charger. If you still don’t know which iPhone you want, take a look at our comparison of the iPhone 5 vs the iPhone 4s.

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So the question is the Une Bobine gimmick or does it actually add some true utility?  Well, at first I thought the former.  Now, after using and owning it for many weeks, I’m in the latter mindset and here’s why.

When charging my iPhone 6 it’s incredibly convenient to have the handset at eye level.  My only complaint is that if you plug it into Apple’s included iPhone AC adapter, is that the combined weight of the Une Bobine and iPhone can cause it to become unplugged from the wall.  But that quickly becomes a moot issue, especially if you position the Une Bobine correctly by supporting some of the weight on the cord itself – you can do this thanks to its flexible nature.

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Another reason I like it is that – aside from the fact that it’s fairly unique looking – is that it’s great for Face Timing.  And we did just that in our Vap Shot videe.  And thanks to its flexible cord I was able to position it such that the person on the other end of call felt like they were right in the action.  Which is to say I never had to put my iPhone 6 down to free my hands.

Needless to say, you’ll want to mess around with the flexible nature ofcord to be come accustom to where the weight needs to go.  Moreover, the Une Bobine doesn’t need to be plugged to use it.  In fact, that’s a big part of the Bobine; it doubles as a stand, which makes it usuable on airplanes or anywhere you don’t want to hold your phone for long periods of time.  And thanks to its length, it’s likely that you’ll be able to get your iPhone eye level, at least while seated.

You can buy the Une Bobine here.

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