Ultrapak Tour Gets Your Phone Charged Fast

Dead batteries on your phone are always annoying, but the problem can get a lot worse when you’ve got the battery, and your phone takes forever to get charged up. Sometimes you’re impatient, sometimes you just need to get on the horn fast, but if you need power in your phone, you probably need an Ultrapak Tour.

Power Up

It’s pretty straightforward. The Ultapak Tour is just a bit bigger than your iPhone, and thus built for being carried around in bags and pockets, and packs an enormous 10,000 mAh charge. That in of itself would make it handy to have in your travel bag, but it actually gets better, in that you can get your charge much faster and more conveniently than you might expect.

Speed Equals Power

Essentially, the Tour is designed to get your phone back up and running extremely fast. If you just want to get it up to 2000 mAh, which is generally enough power to make calls and send texts on modern phones, that will take just 15 minutes for the iPhone. If you want a full charge on your phone, that’ll take 95 minutes, but it beats waiting for hours for your phone to fill up on a charger, and this you can take on the go. Furthermore, it recharges in just fifteen minutes, saving you some aggravation.

Battery Backup


Not everybody needs a battery backup, but if you’re a road warrior, are away from outlets for most of the day, or just use your phone heavily, they can be a life saver. And this even has a useful little widget on the front that tells you just how full your backup battery is. So, really, if you’re ever in need of a charge, this little battery appears to be the best friend you can possibly have.

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