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If you aren’t quite sure about smart locks, or smart technology in general, it’s best to ease yourself in with a thermostat or lock for your front door. Rather than stick to one kind of lock, the best smart lock to make the leap is the Ultraloq UL3 BT. It’s offering 5 locking options, so you’ll always get to choose one that’s more comfortable.

Why We Like It – Utraloq UL3 BT review

Like the valuepack of smart locks, it has 5 different ways to lock and unlock your door, from a fingerprint scanner, right down to a simple key. Ideal for individuals unsure about smart technology.

  • 5-in-1 locking/unlocking options
  • Proprietary app is responsive and functional
  • Great pricing
  • Door unlocks when dead
  • Cold weather can affect the fingerprint reader


What we loved the most about the Ultraloq UL3 BT—besides its performance—was its range of locking options. It handles 5: keypad, fingerprint, app, mechanical key, or by rattling your smartphone. If your hands are full, you can knock on your phone’s screen to unlock the door. No matter which option we chose, the keyless entry was quick to recognize its master.

We did notice it took a second to read fingerprints during colder weather. Thankfully, alternative options are available. Lastly, the door will unlock should the batteries fail. To avoid spending tons of money on batteries, use rechargeable ones and switch them out every 8 months. The August Smart Lock Pro, for example, will notify you of a low battery.


The design of the Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint Scanner and Touchscreen Smart Lock is simple, fitting within a dimension of 7.00 x 6.30 x 2.70 inches. The touchscreen keypad is along the top, just above the finger print reader. There’s a keyhole for backup, which the Yale Assure Lock SL lacks entirely. And since it comes with a satin nickel finish, it’ll match just about any front door style.


There are dozens of smart locks that incorporate one or two additional locking and unlocking mechanisms, like the Kwikset 909 Smartcode Electronic Deadbolt, but few use 5 different options. This makes it valuable to not only tech savvy individuals, but also people with an aversion to smart home technology. This is especially true with how easy it is to get everything settled through Ultraloq’s proprietary app. Aside from performance, the Ultraloq UL3 BT gets our seal of approval, and has excellent value.

Utraloq UL3 BT review Wrap Up

By using rechargeable batteries and its alternative locking options during the winter, the Ultraloq UL3 BT’s shortcomings can be avoided. After all, it has 5 ways to lock and unlock your door. Its application is responsive, functional, and resourceful. And best of all, you get everything for a really great price.

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  1. Do you do a gold handle lock? all my other handles are gold.
    How do you lock the door from the inside? Can you knock on your phone to ‘lock’ the door?
    Is it compatible with Anglia double glazing doors?

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