The Ultra-Fast 60GHz Wireless 4K UHD Transmitter and Receiver Kit allows you to wirelessly send 4K UHD videos and high-quality digital 7.1 surround sound from one HDMI source to an HDMI TV or best 4K Projector, which is pretty handy for your home theater. Plus, I bet you are sick of wires. It will extend signals up to 60 feet in-room.

Ultra-Fast 60GHz Wireless 4K UHD Transmitter and Receiver
This will make your home theater more versatile.

Wirelessly Send 4K Video

This will be perfect for gamers and streaming since it delivers uncompressed audio and video at almost zero latency. You’ll get resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 @30Hz with minimal interference with your existing Wi-Fi devices via the 60GHz wireless frequency. You are getting 4K UHD without wires. And I have to say, I like the design of this receiver and transmitter.

The Perfect Home Theater Solution

This kit allows for a more flexible projector or TV placement in your home now that wires are taken out of the equation. You can place your video source and display equipment wherever it is convenient in the same large room since the extender sends 4K Ultra HD video over the air up to 60 feet at near-zero latency. This device works with all of the best projectors.

That is fast enough to support all of the most popular gaming and streaming services with video resolutions of 3840 x 2160 and it supports the newest 4K UHD High Dynamic Range TVs and content. Do you want to play your games on a big projector screen instead of a gaming monitor? No problem. If you aren’t interested in the best monitors for Xbox, a projection is the way to go.

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Feature Packed

Some other features include 7.1 surround sound audio, Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master audio format
The transmitter and receiver are pre-paired from the factory
Requires no Wi-Fi network
Advanced wireless technology speeds up to 18 Gbps
LED status indicators for source/display connections and wireless link
Dual power option via USB or included AC adapter
HDMI 1.4 & HDCP 2.2 compliant
Supports 4K UHD High Dynamic Range (HDR) TVs and content

The Ultra-Fast 60GHz Wireless 4K UHD Transmitter and Receiver Kit is easy to set up and easy to use and makes life much easier. It can be a real pain setting things up with wires and also having your equipment where it needs to be. This kit simplifies everything. And the gear looks pretty cool too. Add this to your home theater setup today. You can learn more here.

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