Lego Star Wars Tie Fighter Collective For Sale in May 2015
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Ultra-Collectible Lego Star Wars TIE Fighter on the Way

The latest collaboration between Lego and Star Wars is here in all its imperial glory – a new Ultimate Collector Series TIE Fighter.

Those of you who thought The Lego Movie didn’t have nearly enough Star Wars will be happy to know that the new TIE Fighter will come with a new, exclusive TIE Fighter Pilot figure holding a blaster. When properly constructed, the Lego model with stand 19.5 inches high, 12 inches long, and 12.2 inches wide. It features an opening top hatch to allow that Pilot to enter and exit.


As you may expect from collaboration between two experienced brands, the level of detail is impressive and the TIE Fighter is very accurate according to Star Wars lore. However, it’s much more of a model piece than a Lego plaything. It comes with its own display stand and plaque ideal for displaying the piece on a shelf or desk.

The price also underlines the “Ultimate Collector Series” of the name: You can get one for $199.99 in May 2015. Yeah, it’s not a model you want to lose pieces from in the big Lego pile.

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