Ulock Is A Bike Lock Where Your iPhone Is The Key

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As more and more of us get on the road with a bike instead of a car, security has become more of a problem; we need to lock up our bikes, of course, but we also have to find locks thieves can’t easily remove. Not only that, we have to remember the keys. The Ulock manages to remove at least one problem by making the key your iPhone.

Ulock It, Uleave It

It’s pretty simple. You pair the Ulock, which is… well, it’s a u-lock, a pretty standard loop of metal, with your iPhone, and lock it. The only way to pop that lock, at least in theory, is to have your iPhone handy to run the app and open said lock. It’ll even geolocate your bike for you so you don’t have to remember where you parked it, a handy little feature.

Locked Up


That said, though, it is still a Ulock, and it isn’t going to solve all your potential bike theft problems. While it’s made of galvanized steel, if somebody really wants to get that lock off your bike, they’ll still be able to do it with power tools.

Similarly, you’ll have to take further measures to keep people from just stealing parts off your bike. But, if you’re looking for a more advanced bike lock, or are just sick of losing your keys, $180 is a cheap price for keeping your bike secure.

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