UCO Stormproof Waterproof Matches Strikers Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re an avid outdoorsman then this is the stormproof match kit that you’ve been looking for! These stormproof matches are perfect if you need to light a fire while it’s windy, raining, snowing, or any time where you can’t go without heat. They are waterproof, windproof, and can relight after being submerged in water, making them one of the best all weather matches for any mountaineer’s backpack. You may also read our outdoor gear list to ensure you have all the necesary equipment for your hike/tour.

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Why We Like It – UCO Stormproof Waterproof Matches Strikers

The UCO Stormproof Match Kit is the kit you’ll want to have if you’re going out on a serious adventure. These matches come in a waterproof case, can’t be stomped out, & will automatically relight after being submerged in water.

  • Up to 15 Second Burn Time
  • Comes With A Replaceable Striker
  • UCO Stormproof Match Kit Includes A Waterproof Case That Holds Up to 40 Matches
  • These Matches Cost Over $15

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These windproof (and waterproof) matches are expensive for a reason. In addition to being immune to the normal downfalls of ordinary matches, they also take it a step further by being invulnerable to being stepped on or submerged in water. You won’t need to worry about them getting wet, blown out, or stepped on – the only thing you’ll have to worry about is running out of matches! If you’re looking for a product you can use to light fires for years to come, you will be better off purchasing Swiss Safe 5-in1 Fire Starter All Weather Matches instead.


UCO Stormproof Waterproof Matches are 2.75 inches long, allowing them to burn up to 15 seconds while reducing the likelihood of burns. They come in a waterproof case made of ABS plastic which has a replaceable striker integrated into the side. This case will float if you drop it in the water; if the striker gets wet you can simply replace it with one of the other two strikers included in this kit. The case can hold up to 40 matches, but unfortunately, this kit only comes with 25 matches.


There’s no way around it – these matches are expensive. This kit costs over $15 and comes with only 25 matches, meaning each match costs about $0.60 (and only burns for up to fifteen seconds!). Still, you won’t be able to find another match that will light as reliably as these, so if they are worth it or not really depends on what your individual needs are. If waterproof matches aren’t a necessity but you want them anyway, consider Coghlans Waterproof Matches 10 Pack, which are a cheaper option.

UCO Stormproof Waterproof Matches Strikers Wrap Up

This Stormproof Match Kit by UCO is perfect if you’re going to be in harsh weather and need something you can depend on to start a fire. While you can find cheaper options elsewhere, they won’t be as high of quality, and certainly not something you would want to trust your safety with. If you want a worry-free trek & don’t mind paying a premium, then these are the matches for you.

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