Ubisoft’s “The Division” Open Beta Arrives This Month

It probably goes with out saying, but the most popular open world game to ever hit consoles and PC is GTA 5.  Toss in some of the top rated GTA 5 cheats and you’ll be stuck playing that game until the cows come home.  Cows? What?

Anyway, where am I going with this?  Simple: Ubisoft’s “The Division” will soon be released, March 8th, 2016 to be more exact.  But that’s probably not soon enough for those looking to take their open world gaming to the next level – “The Division” is promising to be both an open world game and a game that offers superior collab play with friends.  The latter remains to be seen, but the webosphere has exploded with hundred of hours of walk through footage from some of YouTube’s biggest video game stars.  But I digress.

For those that can’t wait for the release date of the Tom Clancy’s “The Division”, wait no more.  Provided you have an Xbox One.  As Ubisoft will push an open beta of the game on February 18th.  And for those on the PS4 and PC, well, you’ll have to wait one extra day, with the open beta arriving February 19th.

That all said, Ubisoft did roll out a closed beta, that did just close.  And according to The Escapist, PC testers reported cheating, though the Canadian based game company assured players these loopholes or cheats would be closed.

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