U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Review

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Updated January 23, 2023
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If you’re looking to make the cut from cable and are looking at the Best TV Antenna, you would do well to narrow your search down to the Best Indoor TV Antenna. And when you do, you should definitely check out the U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna for its ease of installation and fantastic range.

Why We Like It – U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna

U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antennas are another in a long line of excellent U MUST HAVE products. This indoor TV antenna produces clear picture quality over an impressive 80-mile range, and can even broadcast in 4K if you’re lucky enough to pick up a signal that powerful.

  • Can Broadcast in 4K
  • 80 Mile Range
  • Supports 1080P Fire TV Stick
  • You Need to Mount it Away from Electronics
  • 18 Foot Coaxial Cable


The U MUST HAVE Amplified Indoor Outdoor Antenna boasts excellent picture quality mainly because broadcasted content is not compressed like streamed content is. You can also check out the ANTOP HD Smart Bar Amplified TV Antenna for another example of indoor antennas with string TV signals. The antenna can render in SD or HD and can broadcast TV and HD channels in high-quality 4K as well. You may be interested in learning more about what is digital TV.

Ease of Install

The Indoor HDTV Antenna only takes a few minutes to set-up. But you must first find an optimal place to set it up. In most homes, this will be near a window so it can receive the best reception from broadcast towers. If you’re close enough to a tower, the coaxial cable should be enough. But if you live farther away, you’ll need to use the signal booster to get free channels like ABC or CNN. Most of the best antennas work like this, including those from Antennas Direct and even the Channel Master Smartenna Plus. You can opt for Reliable Cable Product TV Digital Signal Amplifier if you don’t wish to use signal boosters as it works perfectly as an outdoor antenna.


The U MUST HAVE HD Antenna is a thin panel that sticks onto the wall with the included adhesive pads. It’s very similar in design to the FLATenna 35 Digital Antenna. At 0.75 pounds it weighs virtually nothing, so you don’t need to worry about it damaging anything. It’s also small and sleek enough to blend into any home without being an eye-sore.


The range on the U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna is an impressive 80 miles. A broadcast tower will still need to be within eighty miles of you to receive this signal, even with a maxed out power adapter, but this sort of range is still impressive for an indoor TV antenna. However, you will need to mount it away from electronics or you will risk interference


Despite this interference from electronics, the U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna won’t lose itself if it comes across an FM signal, so that’s always nice. The coaxial cable is a generous 18 feet, but for some that may still not be enough to reach the TV. Also, who wants a long cable in the middle of their home. But at only $30,00, it’s worth the investment to at least try it out.

U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Wrap Up

Making the cut from cable can be tiresome, especially if you’re looking for the best indoor antenna. But the U MUST HAVE Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna should simplify this process. It may not get the most channels we’ve seen, but you do want a lot of fuzzy channels or 25-30 premium, high-resolution channels?

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