Two New Tiny Projectors From Adtec: Hooray or Nay?

Do Adtec’s two new tiny projectors stand out from others of their ilk? It really doesn’t look that way, and unless you live in Japan, you won’t be able to buy them anyway.

Tiny projectors are the thing these days even thought they are making them smaller and smaller and soon, no one will be able to find them at all. Adtec’s two new MP15A Series projectors have some features worth mentioning, but don’t appear to be exceptional when considering some of the others that are on the market today.

The Adtec MP15A projector features 640×480 resolution in 4:3 aspect ratio, 200:1 contrast ratio, 15 ANSI lumens brightness and built-in 0.3W speaker. The Adtec MP15A has a LED lamp with a 20,000-hour life and it can offer up to 60-inch screen size. The 15AW model is white and the 15AB is black, but otherwise, they are identical.

Maybe all these companies should stop making these tiny projectors that are all more or less the same and concentrate on tiny subjects to photograph or project, or whatever


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