This gadget may be just as good as the best portable phone charger.

You’re busy and you’re plugged in. You’ve got your laptop, phone, tablet, and maybe even a work phone. When you travel, you’re that weirdo who sits on the floor just to plug in all their devices. Well, stand up for yourself and take a seat anywhere because the Twist Plus is 33% off and all you need is one plug. That’s it. Everything plugs in right here, in one spot, easy breezy and you’re good to go, on the go. If you love your computer, you might also want to learn how to download free games for Mac.

This little white wonder includes 4 USB ports to juice up the batteries of all those devices at once. Just attach the Twist Plus to any Apple adapter by replacing the power cord and boom – you’re ready to charge. The universal AC power outlet works seamlessly in plugs in over fifty countries so you can say ‘fully powered’ in any language. There’s even built in fuse protection to keep your electronics safe and it’s so lightweight, it won’t add anything to your luggage.

Just like the name says, it twists easily to slide into any port. No more carrying five cords or waiting til one is charged to start charging the next one, you can do it all at the same time, in any airport or stop around the globe. Rest easy and nab this lifesaver for 33% off now and you’ll be one outlet away from a full battery. Check out the link below for pictures of this charger in action and more details on how it works.

Buy Now – $35

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