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Heightening your gaming experience isn’t always on visuals; it’s a combination of graphical fidelity and audio. And when it comes to audio, Turtle Beach is practically synonymous with gaming. Its audio drivers reach deep in your ears to immerse you. The Turtle Beach Stealth offers an affordable option, making it one of the best gaming accessories you need now.

Why We Like It – Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review

With excellent audio drivers, breathable mesh fabric and a comfortable fit, this Turtle Beach Xbox wireless headset is the perfect introduction to what Turtle Beach can offer.

  • Excellent audio drivers
  • Has breathable mesh fabric
  • Can be used with a PS4 & PC
  • Lacks noise active noise cancellation


What impresses us the most with the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is the audio. Through its Superhuman Hearing technology, you get a sense of your surroundings a $5 pair of headphones simply cannot produce. You’ll hear footsteps that weren’t there before and other tiny audio queues. In other words: you’ll hear the enemy behind you, just like you would in, say, a real life situation. Turtle Beach doubles down on their audio performance by keeping the headphones up-to-date as well through Audio Hub. So, you’ll know you’re always getting the best it had to offer. Read our Thrustmaster limited edition Ferrari PS3PC gamepad review for a chance to learn more about a fully programmable game pad with an auto-centering optical wheel.


It isn’t just performance Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is packing—it’s design too. It has an unapologetic “gamer” design to it; smooth angles and a future-like aesthetic. The rounded top has a cushion for the top of your head, which is appreciated. Ear cups are fitted with a breathable mesh fabric. They’re comfortable and don’t trap a lot of heat inside. Flipping the mic up will mute your own chat audio, a neat feature we admit. To connect, you connect its wireless adapter into the console. Another great wireless headset worth checking out can be seen in our Logitech G533 review. Looking for a sensitive DPI MMO mouse with fully customizable buttons? Find out more on our UtechSmart Venus gaming mouse review.


Since the release of Turtle Beach’s Sealth 600, the price has gone down as did the next step up: the Stealth 700. The 700 is packing more features like noise cancelling and Bluetooth connectivity. So, where does that leave the Stealth 600? Well, sound quality alone is what Turtle Beach is known for; in fact, the 600 is perfect as an introduction to Turtle Beach’s line-up. They’re comfortable, sound great, and are affordable at $90, which will free you up to afford a Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee, Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2, and Redragon K585 DITI.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Review Wrap Up

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 are an ideal pair of headphones for newcomers to Turtle Beach and as an excellent pair of Xbox One wireless gaming headsets. With how comfortable the mesh ear cups are, you’ll be able to take full advantage of its Superhuman Hearing technology, even on PC. It still does a good job blocking outside noise naturally, without noise cancellation.

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