Turtle Beach Pro Gear Includes Headset, Audio Board for eSports

Learn about the best headphones for running and then read on below.

Let’s break it down first a bit. The Elite Pro Headset is not wireless, which may seem like an odd choice, but Turtle Beach wants it to work equally well on PC, Xbox One and PS4 – as well as plug into the audio controller – so it had limited options here. The rest of the design is all about comfort and professional features.

There’s a lot of marketing jargon here, but essentially the headset offers redesigned earcups for greater comfort (including extra features made for those who wear glasses), an extra-flexible mic focused on picking up every noise, and automatic elite membership in the brand. The drivers are 50mm beasts.

Turtle Beach wants you to know that it’s extra-serious about eSports, and it has the equipment to prove it: This includes both an Elite Pro Headset and an “Audio Commander” that give you an impressive array of game sound options…if the price doesn’t bother you. Together, they offer one of the top gaming headsets of 2018, especially for professionals. Apart, these Pro products feel a little lonely.

Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller
The audio controller contains all the goodies here, leaving the headset a little bare-boned.

The second offering from Turtle Beach is meant to compliment this setup. The Elite Pro Audio Controller is designed to offer pretty much all the features that Turtle Beach can fit into this mini sound board. You can change your mic monitor level, mic boost, background noise control, and other chatting features. You can also switch between several surround sound modes, create lots of audio presets, and turn on various features like “superhuman hearing.” There other, more unique features too, such as the ability to create an instant local chat network, or stream your output for real-time chat streams and other more professional purposes.

These two devices are designed to work with each other. In fact, we find the audio controller far more interesting than the headset – there’s not much point in buying the headset without getting the audio controller too, because that’s where all the good stuff is at. Unfortunately, combined this puts the price at $400 which is higher than pretty much every standalone headset out there.

So: If you are really into eSports then check out the audio controller to see if it will work with your current headset. If you want a setup that feels eSporty and you have your own YouTube channel or play a ton of multiplayer, look at buying both headset and audio controller. But we can’t really see anyone needing the headset on its own, not with the many competitive alternatives out there.

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