The Xbox One S is already so much slimmer and more portable than its hefty forerunner, it’s not surprise people have already started dreaming about how it could be made portable. Actually, some people have gone far beyond dreaming: Specifically, Ed Zarick, master at laptop mods, has already a mod to transform your Xbox One S into a portable version called the XBOOK One S, something we never even consider for our top gaming laptops of 2018, but are now giving some serious thought.

This XBOOK is a simple affair: It basically equips the Xbox One S with a matching lid that contains a 19-inch screen wired into the gaming console. Load up a game, and you can play it right there, essentially making this a weight gaming laptop (well, one that’s restricted to the Xbox library and any compatible games). The laptop requires an HDMI out and the power connection, but all other ports are left free for you to use how you want.

XBOOK One S Back
The style is pleasantly similar.

Of course, the mod isn’t just about the screen, which would be useless without sound. It also offers a two loudspeakers facing directly ahead so that you can hear what’s going on (and, of course, the controller headphone jack remains perfectly operational). The design is also top-notch and carefully made to blend in with the other color and design choices of the Xbox One S.

There are, however, a couple notable downsides. First, there’s no onboard battery with the XBOOK One S. That means that you are going to have to play near an outlet, which may be a serious let down depending on your plans. Second, that 19-inch screen won’t exactly blow your mind with graphics. It’s only 720p resolution, which is lower than most Xbox One games are designed for.

The XBOOK is also a bit pricey. The 500GB version costs around $1,500, and you’ll have to wait for Ed Zarick to build it for you, which can take a few weeks. However, compared to a high-end gaming laptop that price is actually pretty favorable – as long as you can take the rest of this mod’s little foibles in stride.

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  1. In my opinion, Pointless!
    It just transfers the innards into a larger, chunkier box than the console itself, and installs a lid and battery. Why not just attach a lid to the console? aAnd provide an external battery or something? I don’t get it…the Xbox ONe S already uses laptop form factor hardware, there’s no reason why it can’t be half the thickness…or the size of an Alienware gaming PC. This guy doesn’t even try to make it a laptop, he keeps the innards in the same exact order it’s in and transplants it to another plastic box made of Duplos(lol)…instead of putting the slim Blu-ray drive on the same level as the main board, as you would a laptop, or at least on a much lower riser than the console ships with, to decrease thickness…I’m sure the same heat sinks and fan are used, too, which keeps it thick as well. I don’t mind the laptop being wider, as a gaming laptop would be, but it doesn’t need to be 3 inches thick lol. More like 1 inch. Sure, USB ports might have to be de-soldered, attached to a ribbon cable/ flex cable or something and re-placed etc. but it can be done.

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