Turn Your Window Shades Into Smart Shades (video)

What if your home’s window shades go go up and down with a simple push of a button on your smartphone? Now they can thanks to RISE, which will turn any ordinary window shades into smart shades that you operate on your phone

Set Up A Schedule

RISE smart shades

Like so many other smart devices, you can easily program the controller to move up and down automatically based on a schedule you input into its smartphone app. You can even change it up during the week so that you sleep in later during the weekend. And its solar charger will evaluate the exact amount of sun light entering the room and will then move it accordingly.

Long Battery Life


You won’t have to worry about changing batteries since it has a built-in high-quality Lithium batteries with its own built-in solar charger, so you can check one more device you won’t have to always place batteries in off of your list. When there’s sun out, RISE will charge its batteries with its quite stunning crystalline solar panels. And when it’s fully charged, it can make 50 full movements (one up and one down).

Sleek Design

RISE smart shades

Because smart gadgets have to fit in with the rest of our home’s decor, RISE is no different and will complement your home’s look. Its sleek, minimalist design will look great in your bedroom, guest room or anywhere you use it. It works with all sorts of shades with side chains and it has the lifting power to operate even heavy blinds.  And it’s easy to install – just attach it to your shades, download the app and you’re good to go.

 RISE Touch

And when you don’t want to use your phone, the system comes with RISE Touch which is easy to control and use. So guests can automatically pick up the shades whenever they want without the need to use your smartphone.

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