Wanna Run 10 Marathons This Year? Try a StandDesk

If you have any kind of an office job or work on the computer all day long, you are well aware of the toll that it can take on your body. Sedentary lifestyles don’t do anyone any good. That is why we recommend the best standing desk converters.

While you sit and type away in front of your computer screen, you’re not getting the proper exercise that you need, your back is angled at an odd position all day, you are gaining weight and your circulation is terrible. Just to name a few problems.

It’s not just that you’re getting flabby and soft, there are actual serious health consequences that can come from sitting around all day in the same position. Our bodies were meant to be on the move. In caveman days, if you didn’t hunt, you didn’t eat. And if you weren’t strong enough to carry your kill back to the cave, you also didn’t eat. You had to run to catch and kill your food, the bring it home.

These days, we have everything easy. We don’t have to hunt our food anymore, and no one is asking you to, but it is essential that we get moving again. We have a solution for gaining more movement while at work.

A Standing Desk Will Help You Feel Better

A standing desk could help to alleviate some of these problems while allowing you to get your work done throughout the day. It will also help you to burn more calories than you would while sitting.

Once you get up out of that office chair and start working while upright, you’re going to feel much better. Getting some movement and being on your feet is half the battle. Like I said, no one is asking you to chase dinner. Just get moving. This is a great way to do it.

Standdesk has a large selection of standing desks to choose from. They even allow you to custom design your own desk.

The company doesn’t just sell these desks for the sake of making sales. They are sincerely dedicated to health and fitness. It all started when founder Steven Yu wanted to help his roommate Ryan get healthier. He knew the benefits of standing while working even back then.

So Steven threw together a makeshift standing desk made with computer monitor boxes, a home fan box, a whiteboard, and a random piece of wood. He soon realized that he was right about the powerful effects of simply standing. After that Steven was devoted to helping others improve their health and happiness.

Even if you change nothing else about your life, standing all day is a major improvement. It is amazing that something so simple can have such a huge impact on our health and well-being.

The sad truth is that we have all become too complacent and we have accepted that we have to sit all day to get our work done. That simply is not true. And that attitude is changing now that more people are discovering these healthier desk options for the first time.

Stand Desks are a real health benefit.

Stay Fit and Also Improve Your Quality of Work

Did you know that standing for just three hours a day is the same as running 10 marathons per year? It’s also equivalent to losing 8lbs of fat. I know that got your attention. That’s right, a standing desk will actually help you to lose weight and all you have to do is, well… Stand.

If you are keeping count, that’s 30,000+ calories over the course a year, according to one study. Standing more will help to reduce back pain as well. I think any office worker will appreciate that.

Standing while working is not just about your health either. The quality of your work is also going to improve since you will be working at a higher function all day long. Some studies even show that standing yields up to 10% more productivity. So its good for your health and also good for business. It may seem too good to be true, but it really is this easy to improve your health.

When you look at all of the benefits, there’s really no reason not to give a stand desk a try. Don’t take a seat. Have a stand.

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  1. It is really hard to have a good sitting position that doesn’t affect some parts of the body or at least ensures the good blood circulation. I say both standing and sitting position should be practiced, especially those who are into more active sports.

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