TRX Go Suspension Training Kit Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Balancing out those bodyweight exercises and helping you maintain a fitter and healthier lifestyle, the TRX Go Suspension Training Kit is potentially the ideal equipment for those who are out on trips or are travelling frequently. Whilst providing a familiar training regime no matter where you are, an easy to set up process and numerous exercise tutorials available online, the TRX Go Suspension Training Kit offers everything you may need in a lightweight and easy to carry design paired with a mesh pouch. If you need something to add to your workout set, you should also read our review of Radiate athletics.

So, why is the TRX Go Suspension Training Kit considered one of the best exercise equipment? Let’s find out

Why We Like It – TRX Go Suspension Training Kit

Making sure you get in those pulling exercises even during travel, whilst making it possible to carry around all the equipment you need, the TRX Go Suspension Training Kit is one of the lightest exercise equipment you can carry. While being bundled into a carrying pouch to make it easier to take with you, it even allows you to do a number of different exercises all of which are elaborately shown in online videos. And so, making it possible to stay fit even during travel, the TRX Go Suspension Training Kit is a must have for many of you out there. You may also want to try out a new method of waist line trimming available in the form of the Perfect Sit Up from Perfect Fitness.

  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Easy to set up
  • Helps with pulling exercises greatly
  • Exercises can take time to learn
  • Handles are sweat absorbing may in time give out a odor

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Many of us travel every now and then, and most of the time it tends to interfere with our workout routine and hence our health. We tend to not feel like exercising whether it may be at an unfamiliar gym or our local hotel gym which may not have everything that we were used to usually. And even if we end up doing bodyweight exercises it ends up being mostly dependent on push exercises rather than pulls. What this does is, not only will we not have built up on our pulling strength but we will end up having an imbalance is muscle and which would in turn lead to many more health deficiencies. And now to fix that, we have the TRX Go Suspension Training Kit which is both lightweight, easy to carry and even easier to get used.

Starting off with the solid build quality, light but solid carabiners and heavy duty mesh straps anchors, all of which get together to provide us with the resistance we need to build on our pulling muscles, making them stronger whilst also keeping fit. You simply set them up by anchoring it and adjusting the lengths of the straps according to the instructions provided. It takes about 1 to 2 minutes and you need a little space of about 6 to 10 feet in front of a door or a vertical column. The TRX Suspension Trainer also comes with the recommendation of having the anchor about 7 to 9 feet above the ground whilst having the handles suspended at about a height of 3 Inches for standard use. Now while the number of exercises are limited by the fact that the door needs to be closed, you can still do a many different exercises according to the numerous videos that are available online along with in the TRX App provided with an included card which has all the registration details. Apart from that, while this does make it possible to exercise in both your hotel room or out in nature during hiking trips, you will be limited from doing TRX push ups as there won’t be much space upfront. But other than that, with the advantage of having a familiar equipment with you everywhere and exercises which although take some time to learn can be done easily later on, or even customized according to your own needs, the TRX Trainer is a nice bit of flexibility and strength training equipment to have with you during travel.

Furthermore, even though it is lightweight, it still offers a solid build quality which is durable even during heavy exercise routines by athletes or professionals. And offering a maximum resistance force of up to 350lbs, it will hold up to almost everyone, allowing you to exercise whenever, wherever and however you want. As for packing it and carrying it, the TRX Go Suspension Trainer comes with a zip mesh bag that allows you to pack up the suspension trainers by just rolling them into a compact and easy to carry pouch.


Measuring to have dimensions of 7 x 5 x 4 Inches when rolled up in the mesh pouch and weighing about a pound in total, the TRX Suspension Training Kit is one of the most lightweight and compact exercise equipment you can have. And with the handles paired with grippy and comfortable padding, exercising becomes a whole lot easier as you never have to worry about the door anchor or any of the straps giving up on you unlike other fake suspension trainers.

However, do remember that the padding is sweat absorbing and while it won’t be damaged that easily, it will however retain a slight odour after multiple workouts.


Priced at about $130, the TRX Go Suspension Training Kit is definitely worth it’s price in terms of durability and the flexibility of exercises alone. This price also includes the 6 month access to the TRX Premium app which includes numerous workouts for you to go through. And while getting specialized equipment would be optimal for training, if you’re constantly on the move and need something portable and lightweight to have a familiar workout equipment with you at all times, the TRX Go Suspension Training Kit is definitely worth it as an exercise equipment.

TRX Go Suspension Training Kit Wrap Up

Coming with everything ranging from flexibility in terms of multiple exercises, an easy to set up process and a lightweight and easy to carry method thanks to the mesh pouch to the durability of the training kit in terms of material alone, the TRX Go Suspension Training Kit does indeed live up to the premium quality advertised. And while the only drawback visible remains to be the slight odour catching on, it is a small compromise to make for something that is both durable and comes with a whole lot of online video and articulated support. Thus with all that and a reasonable price tag, the TRX Go Suspension Training Kit is a must have for those of you who want to stay fit and keep training even when on the move.

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