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Updated June 27, 2022
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As far as spy apps go, the TruthSpy is pretty decent. It’s certainly not something that most people would consider as the Best GPS Tracker. But it does its job just fine and incorporates a few advanced features into the mix. It definitely has the potential to be on the list of Best GPS Phone Tracker options available out there. If you’re interested in more devices, check our best GPS tracker list.

Why We Like It – TruthSpy

The TruthSpy spy app is for very advanced users who want to track a specific target phone. The number of options you get from the control panel is immense. And for just a simple cell phone monitoring software, it has many useful features that you can easily take advantage of.

  • Support for both iOS and Android devices
  • Call recordings accessible
  • GPS location tracking
  • No disclosure about data safety


Just like the Glympse monitoring software, TheTruthSpy app is also a performance hog. The target device will be anywhere between 20-30% slower after you install TheTruthSpy app on it. That’s why we don’t really recommend you download TheTruthSpy app (& run) on older Android phones. For a wireless charging tracker, check out our Trax GPS tracker review.


If the performance impact sounded terrible, the battery life degradation you get by running this app in the background is even worse. The monitored phone’s resource management system is pretty useless against this app, which can be pretty much a double-edged sword. And you can’t manage battery saving options using TheTruthSpy app either. Even the Cocospy tracker is lighter on mobile phone batteries than this one.

Ease Of Use

All of the best spy apps (e.g., the Life360 GPS Tracker app) are usually straight downloadable from official places like the App Store and the Google Play Store (in Android). And its interface is not really something that anyone can get around. But, if the target phone is connected to an active internet connection, you get a lot of options in line with tracking phone calls and text messages. Track a car or truck in real time after reading our Vyncs GPS tracker review.


The fact that you have to download the app from their website, not the official app stores, already won’t bode well with users who care about their privacy. And they don’t have any data protection measures either. So there’s really no way of knowing who else gets their hands on your data other than yourself once you use TheTruthSpy app.


Even with all of its downsides, TheTruthSpy app does have a free trial that you can use to make sure that the app works on your target phone. This is especially useful in case your target phone isn’t capable enough.

TruthSpy Wrap Up

So, overall, the TruthSpy app is a decent tracking app that you can use to track a particular phone. But there are better options available out there for cheaper prices.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image