Triple Door Gym Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Have you been looking for a good pull up bar for your home? Are you maybe worried that putting in a pull up bar might damage your door or home wall permanently? Well the Shamrock Triple Door Gym has you covered in all of that and a whole lot more. With three different grips you can do a wide range of exercises, building up your strength and whilst also staying fit. And paired with the easy to fit design without any form of door damage, a solid and durable build as well as an easy to set up process, the Triple Door Gym might just be the next best exercise equipment for you.

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Why We Like It – Triple Door Gym

Working out at home becomes all the more easier and flexible with the Shamrock Triple Door Gym as it easily fits on your door without permanently damaging it whilst still providing you with a wide range of options when it comes to doing exercises. The heavy duty steel frame along with an easy and strong fit onto your door, will make sure you don’t hurt yourself as you go through the many exercises. And paired with the fairly decent price the Shamrock Triple Door Gym makes for a pretty great exercise equipment for your home. If you want to keep your blood pressure low while you’re working out, you should also read our Zona Plus Hypertension relief device is a handgrip tool that will lower your blood preassure.

  • Allows for a wide variety of exercises
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Set up doesn’t harm or your home wall
  • Customer service isn’t the best

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To start off, the heavy duty steel frame of the Shamrock Triple Gym, is both solid and sturdy, ensuring your safety whilst also holding up for the years to come. The higher placed pullup bar allows you to use three different grips for a better variety of exercises starting with the neutral grip, close grip and wide grip each of which help you with building up on different muscle groups accordingly.

Apart from that, the Triple Door home gym also comes with suspension straps which can act as a suspension trainer for all kinds of exercise ranging from bodyweight rows, bicep curls, tricep extensions and a whole lot more. You can even use the provided dip bars to do a number of more body weight exercises, making it possible to work on almost every muscle in your body.

As for when it comes to setting up the Triple Door Gym, you start off by adjusting it to your door frame which can be anything from 24 to 34 Inches wide, and then by just putting it up with your door frame with the foam cushions you can set it up with your door without having to damage it at all unlike many other doorway pull up bars. And finally, the Shamrock Triple Door Gym also comes with a maximum user weight of 300lbs which offers quite a range of use for many people out there. But, if the door frame length and weight capacity do not suit your needs, this isn’t the equipment for pull ups for you.


Moving onto the design itself, it comes with quite a bit of padding on both the straight bars and well as all the grips. This makes it both easy and comfortable to use while making sure your door frame isn’t damaged. However, as there are reports of some users seeing scratches on their door frames, you might want to put some form of a cloth to completely prevent the damage to your door. Apart from that, it looks pretty nice and provides a nice body workout without taking up much space and can also be put away easily when not in use. You can even put away the dip bars separately to only use the pull up bars if needed.


Priced at about $60, the Triple Door Gym is pretty affordable and offers almost everything you need. While the door frame length limit and the weight capacity aren’t the best out there, you still get a good variety of exercise possibilities, making the Shamrock Triple Door Gym one of the best door gym equipment for beginners and intermediates alike, that too at a very good value.

Triple Door Gym Wrap Up

An affordable price, a good design paired with a whole lot of variety when it comes to doing exercises, the Triple Door Gym makes for amazing home gym equipment. You can use it with a number of different grips, put away the dip bars and suspension straps if you don’t need them, and with an easy and damage free fit onto your door, the Shamrock Triple Door Gym may just be the next best exercise equipment you should get. That is considering if the door frame length and the weight capacity meet your needs.

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