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Logitech [+] Trip Lets You Mount Your iPhone To The Dashboard With Ease

Everyone on a trip has run into this problem at some point; attaching something, be it smartphone or GPS, MP3 player or Bluetooth speaker, to the dashboard. There are few good solutions, and most of them are designed for just one product. Logitech saw this, realized it would not do… and so they’ve solved it, by creating the [+] Trip.

Stick It Real Good

It’s a pretty straightforward little tool. Clip it into the air vent, slap the universal adapter on the back of your smartphone, and slap your smartphone onto the mount. Your phone stays in place, and you can use it to navigate, play music, or just generally goof around. The driver should not be on Facebook while on the road, of course, but it at least puts everything where you can see it.

Stuffed And Mounted


The most interesting thing about this for many is the build quality; you’d be surprised how many people demand only the best for their phones. Logictech has ensured that it feels high-quality and durable, with a rubberized face and metal parts. It’s also designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, with a small footprint, so you can leave it in your car or take it with you with ease.

If this solves a problem you have, good news; it’ll only run you $30. A small price to pay for having your phone available.

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