Trilancer Reusable Cable Ties Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Trilancer Cable Ties are easy to combine to produce a stronger tie for maximum tensile strength. It’s not rated for outdoors though, so this strength is going to have its limits. Check out our list of best cable ties to see the great array of cable ties available right now! Find more great product recommendations with our best home theater systems reviews.

Why We Like It – Trilancer Reusable Cable Ties

The Trilancer Reusable Cable Ties come in the standard eight inches to make binding computer and cell phone cords and chargers hassle free. The advanced engineering ensures they’re durable and won’t break under stress, and the 30 day warranty allows you to try the product without worry of losing your money.

  • Easy to Combine Ties
  • Comes in a Variety of Colors
  • Affordable
  • Not Rated for Outdoors


The Reusable Cable Ties Trilancer comes eight inches in length and which is perfect for headphones, charging cables, computer wires, and much more. And if you need them to be a bit bigger for bigger cables, it’s easy to just combine multiple ties together by threading one end through the eye-hole. They are also reusable, which is always a nice feature to have, but aren’t rated for outdoor use. If you need a cord fastener for outside and prefer them to be reusable, consider the VELCRO Brand Reusable Fastening Organizing.


The Trilancer Reusable Cable Ties’ advanced engineering makes it so that the fabric doesn’t peel apart under stress. However, this stress does have it’s limits, and considering it’s not rated for outdoors, I would wager a guess that it probably won’t hold up to extreme hot or cold. Check out the TR Industrial TR88302 Multi Purpose Cable for a tie that has excellent temperature resistance. But the Trilancer Cable Ties do have one benefit in that it comes in a variety of colors which means it will blend discreetly with whatever it is you’re trying to bind.


In a first I’ve seen for something as simple as cable ties, the Trilancer Reusable Cable Ties come with a 30-day, hassle free warranty. So if you don’t like them, or they break, you can simply return them. And at an affordable $7.00, like the Attmu Reusable Fastening Microfiber 6 Inch, it is worth a shot to test them out. On a final note, customer reviews are positive too, with the cable ties having a full 5/5 stars based on 1,430 customer reviews. A feat you don’t see too often.

Trilancer Reusable Cable Ties Wrap Up

The Trilancer Cord Wraps Adjustable Strap Fastener Cable Organizer are an affordable cable tie that you can try without the feeling you’re going to be losing your money. They combine together easily, and come in a variety of colors so they can be discreet and blend in with whatever you need binded.

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