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Are you in the market looking for a battery operated portable fan with good air circulation? Well then, look no further; the Treva 10 Fan is here to serve you. If you are tired of looking at tiny USB fans, the Treva 10 Fan is the best travel fan that comes in a larger than average size. And it is quiet enough to be the best stroller fan you can get at this price.

Why We Like It – Treva 10 Fan

Not every portable fan can provide the kind of airflow speeds at a pretty much inaudible noise level like the Treva 10 Fan. Granted, it’s a bit too big. But with the performance benefits, it most definitely is a worthwhile purchase for most.

  • Two Speed Settings
  • Long battery life
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • No remote control


O2 COOL is known for its solid performing fans. And the Treva 10 Fan successfully lives up to their reputation. There are two speed settings that you can choose from on this battery powered fan. And the 10-inch blades provide excellent airflow speeds in both modes. In the higher speed setting, you can feel the airflow from a jaw dropping 12 feet away. And it has an AC adapter for drawing power from the wall. It’s fantastic for outdoor activities.


Once again, Treva 10 Fan nails it in this section. This battery operated fan is made out of very durable plastic and should last you for more than a couple of years. The fan openings are tiny and designed in a way so that children can’t put their fingers through them if you use it as a stroller fan. Another fan with similar childproof openings you can consider buying is the OPOLAR Handheld Fan.

Noise/Sound Level

This portable fan is whisper quiet in both speed settings. In fact, it’s so quiet that some get an eerie feeling. If you like quietness, you’ll love this fan. However, some do not like that at all and need some white noise to drown out other noise. In that case, go for the Honeywell HTF090B Fan.

Versatility/Modern Features

The Treva 10 Fan is pretty big for a portable fan. But it comes with a lot of features that make up for it. And frankly, if the fan weren’t so big, most of the eye-catching features simply wouldn’t be there. It runs on both AC in and D-cell battery power source. So you get the best of both worlds. However, remote control support would have been excellent here.

It even has a handle for easy carrying. You can use this to hang it off of a stroller table. But if you need a stroller fan that can clip on any surface, you should go for the VersionTECH Mini Portable Fan.”


Without cheaping out on any component, this fan delivers excellent value for money for buyers. And it’s sold and shipped directly from Amazon, so you can use gift cards, get benefits like free shipping, and more while getting it. The only slight let down is its warranty policy not being very well defined for the United States.

Treva 10 Fan Wrap Up

Large-sized desk fans aren’t usually available at this price. But the Treva 10 Fan is an exception. With its sheer size and a massive list of features, it’s one of the best portable fans you can get right now.

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