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As the best mid-drive electric bike the Trek Verve+ is one of Trek’s most popular and affordable electric bike models, loaded with accessories and high-quality components and available in a wide range of frame types, styles, and colors. These are just some of the features and components you’ll learn about in our electric bike buying guide. To fans of Trek bikes, it is the best electric bike. It’s backed by a fantastic warranty and supported by a large network of dealers and repair shops just goes to show the popularity of the Verve+.

Why We Like It – Trek Verve+

Verve+ 2 Lowstep is an electric hybrid bike that will help you get out and ride more. Your daily cruises, commutes, and workouts will all get a boost from the reliable Bosch pedal-assist system that sustains speeds of up to 20 mph. Plus, this e-bike is equipped with parts that put your comfort and safety first, like a road-smoothing suspension seat post, wide, stable tires, and front and rear lights. Feel free to also open the Trek dual sport review.

  • Two years warranty
  • Integrated lights
  • Fully loaded with accessories
  • Require more force against the pedals

Durability & Build Quality

Similar to the Surface 604 Colt, this bike is made with a Tires Bontrager alloy aluminum frame, along with a padded saddle coming from the Trek Bicycle company. If you take the product compared to the Bulls Ebikes as both are comfort-oriented and made most obtuse by the padded seats. Are you also searching for a high-volume cargo bike? For more details, read the Urban arrow shorty electric cargo bike review.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Unfortunately, the Active Line is the least powerful of Bosch’s motors and caps out at 100 RPM, which may not be a good fit for less active riders, the Purion display has only basic features and is not removable, some standard functions such as walk mode are disabled, and there are no USB Type-A charging ports. It was, according to the reviews, an impressively comfortable ride thanks to many small factors such as the suspension seat post, large 700x45c tires that provide a lower attack angle and more float, ergonomic locking grips, vibration-dampening solid steel fork, and a wide and comfortable seat. Before deciding on this bike, you might want to read our comparison content covering Cannondale vs Trek ebikes.

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Range & Battery

A Bosch Purion controller and a 400Wh battery are the power sources for the bike. This combination works great on the Verve+. It is designed for riders who don’t mind getting active or want to get back in the shape they were in a year ago, the fitness rides, in other words. The motor is also quite stealthy and will provide you with a decent range in Eco mode. If this doesn’t answer your question about what is an ebike, we can offer some more assistance.

Alternatively, if you’re wondering can electric bike batteries be repaired, we have a guide that can help you.

Safety features

The Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc low-step brakes like on the Cube compact electric bike, the Verve+ offer reliable all-weather braking power. They conveniently allow you to ride confidently in any kind of weather and will stop the bike on a dime, even on wet surfaces. These little hydraulic disc brakes are also user-friendly as they need little pressure on the brake levers to engage, giving you all the confidence required. The adjustable levers are also handy for users with smaller hands.


Is the bike at least reliable and with or without the rack fender mounts? Well, bottom line, yes, with its wide tires and the Shimano Altus, the Trek hybrid can function with or without the engine, though if you have any problem, even if it’s the seat post, the warranty will ensure you can have the part replaced or fixed.

Trek Verve+ Wrap Up

It is a great bike rated high by a verified buyer, there were also a large number of buyer verified reviews that mostly agreed with that one, will we tell you we would recommend or advise against this bike, technically, yes. It should be mentioned that on Amazon, they have a high number of stars submitted and hold a high ranking, putting it in the same area of quality as the Schwinn Voyageur.

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