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Looking for a cross between the best electric hunting bikes and fastest e bike?? The Trek Domane+ fits both molds. For starters, it can hit 28mph. Lastly, it has a 70+ mile range on its battery. Couple that with gravel tires and a lightweight frame, you’ve got yourself the best of both worlds.

Why We Like It – Trek Domane+

Trek took the ever popular Domane and slapped electricity to it, providing that same smooth ride with eBike capabilities, like 28mph max speed and 70+ mile range, in the Trek Domane+.

  • 28mph top speed
  • 70+ mile battery range
  • Lightweight frame
  • Noticeable pedal assistance
  • Expensive

Durability & Build Quality

The new Domane SLR Trek bicycle is made of 500 Series OCLV carbon. There’s a bit more bend to it than aluminum or steel can provide, which can be witnessed by its very popular rear IsoSpeed decoupler and carbon wheels. The seat tube can flex with the rider a lot easier, increasing the smoothness of the adventure.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

It’s surprising to see a 350W motor hit speeds of 28mph. Its torque is equally impressive, peaking at 63Nm. When you’re fitted with Bosch Performance Speed, climbing hills and reaching fast top speeds is only natural. However, pedal assistance can be noticeable, so adjust that if it bothers you.

Range & Battery

Another impressive feat is the distance its internal battery can push (hidden inside an internal storage compartment). The Trek Domane+, on a good day, can travel up to 70+ miles, while the Rungu Bike can travel 151 miles.

Safety Features

The Trek Domane+ is naturally safer due to its design, aside from hydraulic disc brakes. The stopping power behind the brakes are quite impressive, which is to be expected. This is especially necessary given that the tires are rated for gravel, and we all know how hard gravel can be when hitting the brakes.


The Trek Domane endurance road bike is a great bike, one could argue it’s an amazing bike—but the price is steeper than the hills it can handle. However, Project One provides an opportunity to explore other Domane models to find the right one, including parts and all. For example, fit your dream bike with a Shimano Ultegra instead of an SRAM Force 1 or pick a unique color. But if that doesn’t interest you, the Surface 604 Rook is only $2000, which is $1700 cheaper than the Trek Domane+.

Trek Domane+ Wrap Up

The Trek Domane+ is what it’s all cracked up to be: a high-performing Domane model with better parts and eBike properties. Had the pedal assistance be dialed back a few, it would’ve been perfect, or a slightly lower price. On the other hand, 28mph top speed and 70+ battery range aren’t features we thumbed our noses at; it’s a powerful machine.

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