Tree New Bee WA2608 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
90 Expert Rating

An outdoor HDTV antenna must perform well to get the Best TV Antenna crown. Well, fortunately for the Tree New Bee WA2608, it’s an amplified HD digital outdoor antenna that performs exceptionally well for the price it comes in at. And due to that reason, it pretty much could be the Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna too, at the same price.

Why We Like It – Tree New Bee WA2608

If you have taken your stand to cut the cable cord and bills, the Tree New Bee WA2608 is a great antenna to pick up. When other TV antennas at this price provide a very short range with meagre performance, this one comes with a 150-Mile long range. And its 360 degrees motorized rotation definitely sets it apart from other HDTV antennas at this price range.

  • Solid and high quality motor for 360 degrees rotation
  • Remote controlled rotor
  • HD TV channels and FM both supported
  • The failure rate is pretty high
  • Might have problems rotating under certain weather


The impedance of this TNB WA2608 is 75 Ohm. And just like the Lava antenna, this HD digital outdoor HDTV antenna also delivers a crystal clear HD picture while supporting FM radio signals as well. It supports almost all of the HD broadcasting resolutions (e.g., 720p, 1080i, 1080p) available.

Ease Of Install

Just like the Lava HD8008 Antenna, the TNB WA2608 antenna also comes with everything necessary right inside the box. And we do mean pretty much every component that is necessary for the installation, even down to the rotor control box.


Unlike the 1byone Indoor Amplified TV Antenna, every single component of this outdoor HDTV antenna comes with a weather protective coating. The long range antenna and the amplifier themselves are very well built too, and the rotor inside is extremely strong. It keeps the antenna stable even during windy days. That said, this TV antenna may not work well under certain weather conditions but a great alternative if you live in a place with bad weather is to get an indoor antenna such as Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna.


The 150-miles long range is industry-leading at this price. Other outdoor TV antennas available at the same price can’t even manage half that for UHF VHF FM signals. This is mainly why the TNB WA2608 is such a great outdoor antenna at this price.


As a high quality antenna that supports UHF VHF FM signals, the TNB WA2608 HD digital outdoor HDTV antenna punches way above its weight and succeeds. It’s packed to the brim with value, and once you manage to get it installed, it will perform better than pretty much any other TV antennas at this price.

Tree New Bee WA2608 Wrap Up

The Tree New Bee WA2608 is a great, high quality UHF VHF FM antenna that comes in at an even better price point. The outdoor antennas that manage to defeat it in terms of performance come at much higher prices.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image