Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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One of the finest alarm clocks is the Travelway home LED digital clock. It is a simple, large screen display alarm clock that doesn’t come with too many bells and whistles. It uses a digital display to tell the time, and comes with a night light in case you don’t want to have your room completely dark at night. The digital alarm clock tells time in large 1.8 inch LED digits that remain well visible even during the day, and has a brightness level that can be dimmed down to a level that feels good to your eyes. Because of how easy to use, it’s probably the best alarm clock for even your grandpa. Go ahead and read this review to find out why.

Why We Like It – Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock Review

Having considered customer feedback, the team at Travelway redesigned their previous iteration to come up with what many will consider the best alarm clock for buyers on a budget. The new improved Travelwey LED Digital Alarm clock comes with an adjustable brightness dimmer, AAA batteries, and a night light making it perfect for kids that don’t like the dark. Also, check out the Tranquility Pod that will give you some much-needed rest and relaxation during a stressful day at work.

  • Battery Backup
  • Easily visible 1.8-inch LED digits
  • Night Light
  • No FM Radio


Operating the Travelwey digital alarm clock is super easy to do. The manufacturer actually markets it as a clock that’s simple enough for even your grandma to use, making it the best choice for senior citizens or kids. Although the Travelway clock is AC powered, it stays on even in the case of a power outage because it comes with a provision for AAA batteries. Whenever this happens, you won’t even need to reset anything since the battery backup ensures that the alarm time you had set still remains intact. Unlike the American lifetime clock, this Travelwey clock only has one alarm tone, but it’s two speakers make sure it sounds loud enough to get you up from your sleep.


Available in either black or white, the Travelwey bedside alarm clock doesn’t come in a very big package. It measures only 165mm by 70mm by 50mm, making it the perfect bedside companion. Unlike the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock, it’s front is all display, with controls located on its top side and its back. The snooze, light, hour and minute buttons are at the top, and a red colored Alarm ON/OFF button, an Alarm High/Low slider and a brightness slider are found on its back. For a more over-the-top-kind of alarm clock, the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker can physically wake you up, thanks to its loud alarm and the vibrating effect it sends to your body.


With an alarm that goes on for close to 5 minutes every time it rings, it’s going to be very difficult not to wake up when this Travelwey bedside alarm clock goes off. If you’re a light sleeper and don’t need too much noise to get up, you can also adjust the alarm volume to low. For those that take some time to throw off their blankets, the clock also comes with a snooze button that buys you about 9 more minutes to get up, just the same way the mpow digital alarm clock does.

Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock Review Wrap Up

The only place where other alarm clocks beat out the Travelwey clock is the lack of an FM radio. If you can do without this, then the Travelwey clock is a perfect alternative for your bedside. You can also read more about a slightly similar alarm clock, the Travelwey Home Digital Alarm Clock.

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