Travelwey Home Digital Alarm Clock Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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This bedside alarm clock is a standard device with simple features for those seeking to use one the best bed-side alarm clocks. This does not have the unique trinkets that the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock, it was made to do its job and do that single job well. Yet even with this standard device, it has met the needs of the people which is why it is still placed on our Best Alarm Clock.

Why We Like It – Travelwey Home Digital Alarm Clock Review

If you are technologically challenged and don’t like to experience unique products the Travelwey Home Digital Alarm Clock is the perfect fit for you. This alarm clock has a simple design. It shows the time in big bold red LED lights, just like the Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock. It has the alarm system and there is a snooze function. This product is easy enough for your grandparents to understand. There is not much of a unique design, it looks like the typical digital alarm clock.

  • Battery backup
  • Full range brightness dimmer
  • Standard design


This large 8 inch LED digital alarm clock will shine bright red from whenever you place it. If you want to dim the lights there is a brightness dimmer that ranges from 0 percent to 100. There is a large night light available when you want to see better at night. As you wake up, expect to hear an FM radio or an alarm depending on your preference. If you need to hit snooze for the day, you get a set time of 9 minutes sleep. If you prefer to see more from your alarm clock than just the basics, consider the American Lifetime Premium Day Clock.


An iconic feature of the Travelwey home LED digital is that the snooze button located at the top button. This alarm clock only comes in the color black. This clock is outlet powered. In case of a power outage, all you need is to have two AAA batteries to activate the battery backup. The digit displays black numbers while in backup mode The no-frills simple operation was made for those that want a task done quickly and easily. If you enjoy these simply designed alarm clocks, please consider the Mpow Digital Alarm Clock.


This is the perfect companion for a heavy duty sleeper because you can adjust the alarm volume to its highest setting. This home LED digital alarm clock is not hard to learn because it has very minimal functions, so it is going to be an easy setup and usage. After setting up, you will have a large display at your disposal. The Travelwey Home Digital Alarm Clock outlet powered device is a great choice for anyone that loves simplicity.

Travelwey Home Digital Alarm Clock Review Wrap Up

This LED light alarm clock is a good choice because it is a simple design that everyone can use. Take advantage now and free shipping is included with your purchase. If you want to enjoy more functions from your alarm clock, you can discover the features available on the Uscce Alarm Clock Brightness Sounds. The Travelway Home Digital Alarm Clock is not be the best fit for you since it is designed for minimal use. Once you set up your alarms, the large night light alarm clock will be ready to illuminate your night and wake you up in the morning.

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