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The Travelambo Minimalist Wallet is the perfect travelling companion for someone seeking portability and maximum card utility. If fashion is your deciding factor, the Travelambo has a staggering amount of colours and finishes. Visit our cool wallets page to learn more and to decide which wallet is best for you

Why We Like It – Travelambo Minimalist Wallet

If you’re on a budget it’s hard to say no to the extremely inexpensive Travelambo Minimalist Wallet. It comes in a very slim profile (3.3”x4.1”x0.12”) and can fit up to six cards which is very useful for those who use many cards and are seeking a minimalist-style wallet. If you’re looking for a more tech wallet, check out the Powerwallet & DOQ, that has a built-in battery and a gadget to wirelessly charge 3 devices.

  • RFID Protection
  • Six card slots
  • Myriad of colours and finishes Hard to pull out cards
  • May take longer than usual to loosen
  • Hard to pull out cards
  • Cannot insert many bank notes


The Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet is made of cowhide leather, which is weather-proof, and thus more than capable of handling the bump and grind you’re going to put it through on a daily basis. Check out the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cool Wallet if leather wallets are a must have feature for you. The Travelambo Slim Wallet also has RFID protection. The RFID lining is integrated well and works exceptionally. Like most minimalist wallets, though, the Travelambo makes it a little difficult to pull your cards out of their slots because of the tight space and lack of a pull-tab.


The Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet includes a whopping 6 card slots for your credit card, rewards card, or whichever card you choose to put in. Measuring about 3.3”x4.1”x0.12”, these six card slots are actually quite good for a wallet of this size. If you’re looking for a wallet with a very slim design at the expense of card slots, check out the ARW Slim Cool Wallet. Because the Travelambo is a leather wallet it will loosen over time. However, this may take a little extra time then you’re used to with the Travelambo.


The Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet retails on amazon.com right now for a mere $10.00. However, if price is no worry for you, consider looking at the Travando Slim Cool Wallet. The Travelambo comes in a myriad of colours, 33 according to Amazon, and six different types of materials. In the hands of someone with a keen eye this wallet can serve as both something to carry your cards and money and as a fashion statement. On a final note, it comes in a nice, neat little gift box and bag, which is always nice.

Travelambo Minimalist Wallet Wrap Up

If you’ve always had a traditional bifold or trifold wallet and are looking to see what minimalist wallets are all about then the Travelambo Minimalist Wallet is a great place to start. At only $10 you can jump right in without anything to lose. And who knows, perhaps the Travelambo will be the wallet of your dreams and you won’t need to go shopping for more.

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