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Updated July 9, 2021
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The two-tone colors of the Travando Wallet are a welcome change to the solid colors Best Cool Wallets tend to have. Its good looks are hiding a layer of RFID protection inside, which the Best Travel Wallet absolutely needs. Most importantly, its slim, intelligent design puts it in the good graces of the Best Smart Wallet.

Why We Like It – Travando Wallet

The Travando Wallet takes the fat, traditional wallet, trims down most of the excess material to create a slim, convenient wallet with RFID protection, but still keeps to the features of a traditional wallet.

  • RFID blocking technology
  • Stainless-steel money clip inside
  • Finger hole allows easy access to main card
  • Lacks an ID window
  • Can’t hold a passport


It’s nice to see a change to the traditional one tone coloring wallets tend to have. The Travando Wallet comes in 9 colors, several of which are two-toned. It also comes in carbon leather, suede leather, and plain leather, all of which look rather smooth with a small amount of texture. However, the stitching could be better, perhaps closer to the edge. It’s more pleasing than the Samsonite Wallet.


That doesn’t stop Travando Slim Wallets from being durable! Since this isn’t genuine leather, the faux leather it’s made of is far more resilient to scrapes, scratches, cracking, and peeling. There’s even a stainless-steel money clip inside. The Bellroy Front Pocket Wallet on the other hand is made from environmentally certified leather and has a 3 years warranty.



As for how well it performs in the moment, it’s painfully average. You get 7 card pockets to use, which all handle debit/credit cards; a metal money clip holds your cash. The Travando Money Clip Wallet comes with RFID protection to stop data theft. But where is the space for a passport and ID? Travel wallets should absolutely have space for a passport, like the Kipling Wallet.

Size & Versatility

The Travando RFID Wallet is designed to be very slim, which you can see by its dimensions of 4.65 x 2.95 x 0.63 inches. Slide it into your front or back pocket, and chances are good you’ll forget it’s even there.


Is the Travando Wallet worth it though? Not quite. For starters, this isn’t genuine leather. If you’re spending more than $15 on fake leather, you’re getting a less-than-stellar deal. Lastly, its performance is average, even below average if you need a place for your passport. You can drop the same amount on Mundi Wallets for far better functionality.

Travando Wallet Wrap Up

With the Travando Wallet, you get the most basic of functions; however, it’s to its detriment. You can’t store a passport, nor have a designated area for your ID. The finger hole is nice enough, as is the RFID blocking, but nothing about the Travando Wallet warrants its price.

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