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The Travando Minimalist Wallet may not be the slimmest wallet around when it’s at maximum capacity, but being slim doesn’t have to be everything. Travando makes up for it with a wallet that feels more expensive than it is and a high-risk, high-reward design. Our list of cool wallets should help you learn more!

Why We Like It – Travando Wallet

The Travando Minimalist Wallet is a slim (but not too slim) wallet that takes some very big risks with its design choices. But you know what they say. Big risks equals big rewards. And in the Travando Wallet’s case, the reward is a design that shouldn’t work, but somehow does. If you want to keep the rest of your style up to date, you should also read our review of the Siemens dressman ironing mannequin to make sure your clothes stay ironed.

  • 7 Card Slots
  • Strong and Durable Money Clip
  • Affordable
  • Inside Card Slots can be Designed a Little Better
  • Not Real Leather so there is a chance the Pockets won’t stretch out


The Travando Minimalist Wallet features 13.56mhz RFID blocking. It even includes this RFID Blocking on the credit card (or whichever card you decide to put there) on the front of the wallet. If RFID Blocking is on your list of must-haves for a wallet (and let’s be honest, it should be) you can also try the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Cool Wallet. One final note is that, despite being on the inside, the money clip is still strong, durable, and won’t make your money fall out, which is always a nice bonus.


The Travando wallet begins with an easy access, single card slot on the front of the wallet. When you open the wallet you’ll find six more card slots on both sides of the wallet and facing the same direction. The inside is where you’ll also find the money clip. An interesting design, to be sure, but this also means that, should you choose to keep your bills unfolded, they will obscure the cards on the left side of the wallet. If you prefer the money clip outside the wallet try the ARW Slim Cool Wallet.


The Travando slim wallet retails for $28.00 on amazon.com right now. In the United States, that means shipping is free. Despite this inexpensive price, the Travando Wallet looks and feels like a much more expensive wallet. It’s not real leather but it feels great, the stitching is accurate and detailed, the tan contrasts nicely with the black, and even the money clip has a nice etched logo. If you’re into more traditional, trifold wallets, try the Levi’s Men’s Genuine Leather Trifold Cool Wallet to satisfy your old-school itch.

Travando Wallet Wrap Up

The Travando Minimalist Wallet will work great if you don’t mind it being a little bulkier than more traditional slim wallets. This bulkiness is thanks to the durable money clip, however, so we believe this is a fair trade-off. Would you rather have your money always falling out of your wallet or have a wallet that’s super thin? That’s really the question you have to ask yourself.

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