Transparent Speaker

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Updated June 27, 2022

Tranparent Speaker

We tend to stay away from concepts, but the Transparent Speaker from People People has us begging for more.

As they point out, one of the problems with today’s speakers is that they have to suit the rooms interior to fit in.  At least that’s what you’re wife would say (sexist, yes, but work with us for the sake of example).  With this speaker it could fit into almost any setting since the the casing is made from glass, or at least that’s the idea.  So mount it on a brick wall and it will adorn a brick facade and so forth.  It’s most certainly not for everyone as some people will prefer the warmth of wood over glass.  But that’s not what makes this speaker system novel or a bit unusual.

They have plans to ship it with its very own rechargeable WiFi antenna that plugs into the headphone jack of any computer, smartphone or tablet.  We’re not too crazy about the rechargeable aspect, but wireless music is always a big plus in our book, especially since it negats draping cords all over the place.  However, you’ll still need to provide this speaker with power, so inevitably a cord will fall from its mounted location, unless of course you place it on an outlet.

When and if this speaker does ship, it won’t include the glass box.  Say what!? Instead, you’ll be expected to head to your local crafts store, whatever that is, and obtain the box yourself, where upon you’ll assemble all the pieces yourself.  Not our cup of tea, but to People People’s credit, this significantly cuts down on the size of the shipping materials as well as the carbon footprint on the Earth’s surface.

So will we ever see People People’s?  Not yet, though they see it’s in development.  If you wanna keep in touch with them you can email speaker[at]

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