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Updated June 27, 2022
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Faith Soloway wrote and produced Transparent, a series about a family going through a variety of changes within themselves. Many of the members go through many of the alternate sides to their initial gender role. This show feels like a family friendly show, aside from the various sex scenes, because it tends to show the beautfiul side of love that aspires to hear each other out and give each other valuable time together. This show made our list of Best Shows on Amazon along with Babylon 5. And if you want to check other available streaming companies, read our post on the best streaming services.

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Why We Like It – Transparent Review

This series provides a perspective inside the LGBTQ community, and the stresses that occur in and out of family life. The changes that occur within some of the characters in this show reveals emotions that most people often don’t get to see when it comes to trying to transition towards new gender roles. This is a great series that shows the many ways that sexuality can stir the pot when it becomes a secret.

  • LGBTQ+ perspectives
  • Wholesome Family Content
  • Filler sex content

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The series features Jay Duplass starring as Joshua Pfefferman, a musical manager that is aspiring to become a father and move onto the next step in his life. Jeffery Tambor stars as Maura Pffefferman, someone who has decided that they have been lying to themselves all this time by identifying as a man and wants to pursue their identity from this day forward as a woman. While the show features many comical jabs within the family, there did appear to be a surplus of sex scenes that striked as more filler content than significant. The Boys or The Americans might provide a change of genre if for any reason this series does not land.


The show is set in Los Angeles with beautiful cut scenes of Griffith Park. Oftentimes the show takes place in the LGBT center where Maura receives support from her community. The family is depicted as being some pretty messy eaters in the first scenes by showing them get really dirty during dinner, which says to me that this family goes pretty hard in the paint without worrying about being judged. The family also seems to be quite the music connoisseurs that seems to be a significant theme throughout the series.


This series will only get more intense as we will see how these characters come out to their families with their true identity. Right now the characters are having a hard time being themselves, which is a problem many of us can relate to. It will be interesting to see the characters work up to the transparent musical finale, and hopefully come together to sing kumbaya and be happy together. The variety of sexual relationships will surely keep the series interesting as well.

Transparent Review Wrap Up

Transparent is a series about a family trying to know themselves on a new internal level. The difficulties that arise from trying to be themselves reflects many of today’s society because sometimes it is harder to be something different than what society portrays. This is a good series because it takes a peek into the problems that arise in the LGBTQ society and reinforces more family values within us all.

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