Transform Your Bike Into A Smart Bike With Helios Bars

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Now you can turn your ordinary bike into a smart bike with Helios Bars, a Kickstarter campaign that has created what is said to be is world’s first integrated headlight and blinker system for bikes that utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS to add cool smart features to your two-wheeled toy. The Helios Bars are supposed to revolutionize the biking experience and fits on almost every bike. Plus, installation is meant to be a breeze, allowing for easy installation.

With the Helios Bars, you get a variety of smart features added to your bike that will improve the way you go on bike rides, including: proximity lighting that allows your bike to turn on its headlight when you’re near and off when you’re not; left and right turn signals to keep you safe on the road; GPS tracking via SMS from anywhere in the US; visual speedometer via the rear facing LEDs that change color according to how fast you are going; turn-by-turn navigation to find the fastest route to any destination; and ambient lighting so that you can set the color of the rear lights to any color you desire. You can get a set of Helios Bars in either black or white (drop style or bullhorn style) if you pledge $199 or choose from a variety of colors if you pledge $250 or more.

Helios Bars

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