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Track your car, among other household items, with one of the Best GPS Tracker options on the market. It may not be the Best Car Tracker or the Best GPS Tracker For Motorcycles around, but it is a solid device that allows you to monitor your vehicle and other valuables. Using the GPS tracker, you will receive real-time SMS and email alerts directly to your phone for easy management of your fleets and other commercial vehicles.

Why We Like It – Trak 4 GPS

Low monthly costs, reliable tracking, and text/email notifications are just a few of the features we cover throughout this Trak 4 GPS review!

  • Long Battery Life
  • Simple to Set Up
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Slow Update Options Compared to Other Devices


These GPS trackers can track anything. This real-time GPS device allows you to locate vehicle equipment, assets, loved ones, and more simply by logging into the app! It sends SMS and email alerts to your phone to get important updates, which includes a low battery status. Since the Trak 4 GPS is a very versatile GPS tracking device, you can attach it to literally anything. Track 4 cell trilateration gives the approximate location in areas without GPS signals, such as inside the building or garages. Visit our Tractive GPS dog review for a reliable tracking unit.


The tracking device boasts a long battery life. You don’t need to keep worrying about the time it will take before recharging your device. This device provides you with an extended battery life that lasts for about 12 to 18 months on a single charge (even with daily reporting). Even when the battery charge goes low, you don’t worry. It’s easy to recharge your tracker with a USB. A micro cable comes with the device charger; you can also use a powered USB port to connect to the battery for easy charging.

Ease of Use

A Trak 4 GPS device is super easy to use. You can mount it on anything and start real-time tracking right away. After completing the installation, simply sign in and start using the device in minutes. You will receive messages or email alerts when your device enters or leaves a specific geographical location (geofences). When your device battery goes low, you also receive either an email or SMS notification. This is an excellent way to share your current real-time location with friends or a family member. For a wireless charging tracking device, check out our Trax GPS tracker review.


For this type of tracking device, you can count on the durability. Its battery can stay operational for up to 18 months on a single charge, which allows prolonged use. The device’s structure is made of sturdy materials that easily resist adverse weather conditions. This weatherproof material gives it resistance to both indoor and outdoor conditions, although we wouldn’t recommend submerging it in water (for that, check out our LandAirSea 54 review). You can mount it to both indoors and outdoors objects easily and leave it there for extended periods of time without issue.


This device is much cheaper than the product mentioned in our AMERICALOC GL300W review, and you definitely get the value for your money by purchasing this device. After buying the car tracker, you can mount it to anything and track any type of valuable you wish. You also track vehicles, TVs, or even your loved ones. Additionally, the device comes with a good quality battery with a longer lifespan of about 12-18 months after a recharge. You will receive a daily update of your car or asset from the tracker, even when they’re not making any movement.

Track 4 GPS Wrap Up

When looking for the best tracking device that will also help you provide an excellent customer support system, Track 4 devices are a great choice. This user-friendly device allows tracking multiple assets and unlimited sharing of the real time location. If the price point is a bit too high for you, check out our Spytec GL300 reviews instead!