Traeger Pro 575 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Traeger Pro 575 wood pellet grill may be considered the first “smart grill” in the Traeger grills. This Traeger Pro 575 review will show that the featured app, temperature, and consistent results could help this grill make it into our best grills category. Despite issues with the price and cooking space, the Traeger Pro 575 could still make it an addition to our best wood pellet grill list.

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Why We Like It – Traeger Pro 575

One of many in the Traeger pellet grills line, the Traeger Pro 575 is a wood-fired pellet grill. Able to communicate via WI-FI, the pro series is full of features.

  • Excellent temperature control
  • App allows you to control grill from anywhere
  • Consistent results
  • Low cooking space
  • High Price


When compared to other grills that run off wood pellets, like the Camp Chef Smokepro 36 SGX or even the best vertical pellet smokers, the Traeger Pro 575 can easily go toe to toe with it. The pellet hopper ensures that the Traeger Pro 575 has a consistent temperature for whatever foods you want to cook. A large hopper capacity means you can keep the heat going longer, ensuring the nice smoky flavor that many grillers seek to perfect.


Where the Traeger Pro 575 lacks is in its overall size. Other grills like the Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett or the Rec-Tec RT 700 offer a larger grilling area when it comes down to square inches. It seems the Traeger Pro 575 traded overall size for versatility, as this grill has several tricks up its sleeve. So much so that sometimes you don’t even have to be at the grill to cook.


Comparable to the Z Grills 700D, the Traeger Pro 575 is a tough grill that’ll last as long as you take care of it. The cast iron construction helps its solidity and the stand to ensure that the grill remains secure. Knowing where Traeger grills are made can answer all your questions about these grills.

Ease of Use

Probably the highlight of this grill is the several ways you can use it. Connect it to the Traeger app, and you’ll have full control of your grill wherever you go, able to make adjustments on the fly without even being there. The WiFIRE app includes Alexa support, so your grill will always be connected for perfect results every time. The Z Grills 700D, on the other hand, has a huge cooking area that can accommodate tons of food and is easy to assemble.


For a small grill like the Traeger Pro 575, $1000 is a lot to ask. Made in the United States, you’re not so much paying for the grill as you are the features that come with it. Giving you the freedom to use your grill anywhere is a valuable asset to some, and if that’s something you feel you need, then the Traeger Pro 575 is an indispensable tool to have for outside grilling.

Traeger Pro 575 Wrap Up

Smarter than the average wood pellet grill, the Traeger Pro 575 uses cutting-edge tech to set it apart from the rest. Included wifi connectivity, great temperature control, and consistent results help the Traeger Pro 575 be a head-turner. Even with the price and cooking area issues, those who want their grilling game down to science should consider the Traeger Pro 575 as their next big investment.

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