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The TPI Corporation Wall Mount Exhaust Fan not only circulates air throughout the room, but can also remove bad odors which makes it useful in non-industrial settings too. You might want to make sure that you decide exactly where you want it, though, as it’s heavy and won’t be easy to move around. You can also check out our best wall mount fan list for more great options!

Why We Like It – TPI Corporation Single

The TPI Corporation Single Fan is built with a coated metal finish that protects it from the environment and corrosive fumes. It has three speed settings to let you control the amount of air you need circulated and remains loyal to tradition by including a pull chain like most other fans in its category.

  • Removes Bad Odors
  • Three Aluminum Paddle Blades Attached to a Steel Hub
  • Easy to Clean
  • Heavy
  • No dB Rating


The TPI Corporation Single Phase Fan has three speed settings and, on the highest setting, can achieve an impressive air flow of 6,000 cubic feet per minute. The fan not only cools the air in the room, but also helps to remove bad odors which makes it ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms too, not just warehouses and other work sites. But if you’d prefer a fan just for cooling purposes, consider the SPT SF-16W81.


The TPI Corporation Single Fan features a coated metal finish and a ¼ HP lubricated motor to help protect it not just in the face of environmental hazards, but against corrosive fumes and airborne debris too. The TPI fan is on the heavy side though, weighing in at 35 pounds. You might want to decide immediately where to put it so you don’t have to constantly lug it around. Or you can check out the Hurricane HGC736503 for a fan that only weighs seven pounds.

Noise/Sound Level

The TPI Corporation Single Fan claims to operate silently. While we have no reason to doubt this claim, we would have preferred a dB rating so we know exactly how much sound we’re getting. Turning to customer reviews then, everybody is impressed with how little noise the fan makes despite its rather large size. So it looks like we’ll have to trust the customers on this one.

Versatility/Modern Features

The TPI Corporation Single Fan comes with a pull chain switch for switching the exhaust on and off. While this may sound a bit dated, it’s pretty standard for fans of its class. Even the Lorell LLR49256 has a pull chain. The TPI Fan also has three aluminum paddle blades attached to a steel hub. Add to this spider assembly, and you have a wall mount fan that is more durable than most.


The TPI Corporation Single Fan does require some assembly and installation, but even those with the most basic knowledge of tools, specifically a drill, should be able to get it going without issue. The TPI Fan is also easy to clean. Simply remove the front grill and set about getting the cleaning done. It’s recommended you use baking soda for cleaning, and depending on where you put it, you may have some grease to contend with it.

TPI Corporation Single Wrap Up

The TPI Corporation Single Fan has a lot going for it construction-wise. We enjoy the extra durability thanks to three aluminum paddle blades and how easy it is to clean, but we also wish there was more information on the number side. We realize the fan is large, and will make noise, but we would appreciate it if we knew exactly how much it would make.

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