TP Link AC4000 Review

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Updated August 5, 2022
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While looking for the best router options, you must’ve seen a lot of TP-Link wireless routers. The fact of the matter is, that most routers from TP-Link provide a great list of features for a pretty low price. And the TP-Link AC4000 is no different. It is a solid router that has the potential of being the best gaming router, like the Netgear XR700 and the TP-Link AC5400.

Why We Like It – TP-Link AC4000

Among consumer-grade routers, the TP Link Archer series of routers are very popular for their value-for-money aspect. And the TP-Link AC4000 (also known as the TP-Link Archer A20) falls in line with others for providing a great value router overall.

  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Powerful quad-core CPU inside
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT
  • Not that great for running Plex and other servers
  • VPN server option doesn’t work with most mainstream VPN providers


If you have a reliable internet connection to back it up, this router will perform exceptionally well in regular day-to-day tasks. It’s a tri-band router, and the Smart Connect technology inside allocates each band for different wireless devices existing inside your home network. For another router with exceptional performance, you’ll want to check out the TP-Link AC1900 and the TP-Link Archer A7.


You can connect up to four devices to this router using an ethernet cable. And after that, you have to rely on the Wi-Fi range. But don’t worry, this router has TP Link’s own Beamforming and RangeBoost technology inside, and we already mentioned MU-MIMO technology. So the range of this router, which is similar to the Synology RT2600AC range, should be more than enough for most people.


It’s a solidly built router, and it supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT right out of the box. And being somewhat of a newer router, TP-Link updated the firmware of this router to support mesh Wi-Fi technology. Basically, if you buy another TP Link wireless router (it has to be a model launched in 2019 or later), you can set up a mesh Wi-Fi network in your home. You might also like to read about the Asus A3100 Review.

Ease Of Use

The Linux-based web interface you get with this router by default is very easy to get around and very user-friendly overall. There are even easy parental controls for giving Wi-Fi connectivity permission to different devices. But, unlike the Asus RT-86U, the VPN server options are pretty elementary. Most popular VPN service providers (e.g., Nord VPN) don’t support that.


Overall, the Archer A20 is a pretty good value-for-money router. Granted, at this price, you can pick up an even better wireless router that has Wi-Fi 6 support to future-proof your home network. But other than the PS5 and a few modern smartphones, most consumer devices don’t even support Wi-Fi 6.

TP-Link AC4000 Wrap Up

Overall, the TP Link AC4000 (Archer A20) is an excellent router to pick up below 200 bucks. But, if you’re looking to run Plex/Kodi and VPN servers, you should look elsewhere.

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