The Toyota Sleeper Camry Is A Race Car In Disguise

They say never judge a book by it’s cover and that’s exactly the case with this innocent-looking Toyota Camry that looked like any other model when it was showcased at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV last week. Media and show-goers didn’t think much of the Camry at first, until it did something really amazing…

A Hidden Dragster


To everyone’s surpass, the  2015 Camry was actually a 850-horsepower, tube-framed dragster. It literally lifted its body to reveal the amazing transformation that blew everyone’s mind. It’s 5.7-liter V8 engine, transmission, electronics and real axle was actually borrowed from Toyota’s Tundra truck, while Toyota Racing Development provided a supercharger. To give it some extra boost, a wet-nitrous-injection system was also added.  It can make a quarter mile in just 9.8 seconds! Nicknamed the Sleeper Camry, the car was the talk of the show. According to Chuck Wade, Motorsports Technical Center Director, the Camry “Camry is the ultimate sleeper – it definitely has the element of surprise on its side and more than enough muscle to drop the hammer on any unsuspecting car that pulls up.”

An Extreme Build

06-toyota-camry-dragster-sema-1According to Toyota’s motorsports chief Steve Appelbaum, it’s the most extreme build that Toyota has ever showcased at the SEMA Show. No one ever thought a Camry could become a race car and what Toyota did “shocked the senses.” It even has beefy 335/30R18 drag racing tire that are ready to hit the track! And the huge transformation was done in just 11 weeks before the biggest aftermarket auto convention in the world. A lot of detail and craftsmanship went into making the Sleeper Camry, which is seen throughout the dragster from its stock doors to its custom interior.

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