Toyota Marries Vacuum Cleaner and Segway & Gets Winglet


First things first: the Winglet only goes 3.7 MPH. Talk about not being efficient. What’s my point? If Toyota’s Wnglet device could travel faster than a human than it would make sense to burn the energy necessary to charge it. If you prefer a brand like Shark, read What to Look for When Buying the Best Shark Vacuum.

From the pics and video it looks like leaning left and right will cause it to turn, and there’s a handle and sans-handle version.  Nonhandle looks like an accident waiting to happen.  Then again, if no handle then there’s nothing to obstruct your emergency exit.   The Winglet is the genesis of Sony selling off their robotics division to Toyota.

According to Wired, they’re gonna test the Winglets at malls and see if people are game.  Just a guess, but I think this is gonna end up ith Mr. Fox’s defunked R&D department (Batman reference).

Video of the Winglet after the ‘leap’


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