Tower Fan vs Pedestal Fan

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Updated July 25, 2022

If you are new to the world of personal cooling appliances, you may look to compare a tower fan vs a pedestal fan. Some of the best fans, after all, ship with one of these two designs. So which is better, what are the differences between the two, and what is the right choice for you? Keep reading to find out.


  • The main difference between tower fans and pedestal models is the base, with pedestal fans featuring a large round base.
  • Pedestal units allow for increased control as to where the air flows, much more than oscillating tower fans.
  • Tower fans are more expensive, yet thinner, and easier to place with minimal floor space. They also boast a lower noise level.

Fan Towers vs Pedestal Fans

The primary difference between these two is the base, with fan towers featuring a single unmovable base and pedestal fans resting on a round pedestal base. In many other ways, these types are similar, which is not true when comparing a tower fan vs a portable air conditioner. Of course, this major difference branches out into other contrasts between the two, which is similar to when you compare an air cooler to a fan.

Insider Tip

Fan blades are magnets for dust, so clean them regularly to ensure a smooth operation.

There are also many unique designs of both types if you wonder how to choose a pedestal fan. Here are more differences between the two appliances that amount to more than when you compare a ceiling fan vs a standing fan.

Directional Options

Pedestal fans sit atop rotating bases, allowing for maximum control over which direction the air blows. Most pedestal models allow for directional control along multiple axes, including up, down, left, and right. Tower fans, on the other hand, can usually rotate to some degree but will lack much of this directional control. If you like to change up the direction of your fan, go with a pedestal.

Aesthetics and Size

Pedestals are old-school appliances, and they look the part. These fans are fat, round, and generally unappealing when placed in modern homes (though everything is subjective). Tower fans are newer designs, so they are sleeker and also much smaller, making them easy to place just about anywhere you need an extra breeze. Pedestal fans are large and can’t quite fit into tight spaces, as you need room for that round base.


Pedestal fans include an open chassis of a sort, making it easier to reach the blades to give them a thorough cleaning. Tower fans require you to take apart the entire exterior to perform the same procedure. In other words, pedestal fans are easier to clean and maintain.


There is no way around this. Tower fans feature a more modern design and, as such, are more expensive when compared to pedestal fan blowers.

STAT: The design of a pedestal fan allows for greater rotational power. Ultimately, pedestal fans use the same technology as propeller airplanes. This allows for very fast RPM. (source)

Tower Fan Vs Pedestal FAQs

Are tower fans better or pedestal fans?

It really depends on your needs and the amount of space you have and what features you are looking for. If you prioritize space, go with an oscillating tower fan that is energy-efficient.

Are fans expensive to run?

Energy-efficient fans are good regarding power consumption but some fan types are expensive to run. Luckily, an oscillating tower fan and pedestal fan are not.

What to consider when buying a tower fan?

It depends on your preferences. Look for a tower fan with multiple speed settings, a low noise level, air purification abilities, an air circulator, remote controls, and a powerful airflow suitable for larger spaces.
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