toshiba breathalyzer

Always on the hunt for the best breathalyzer, we came across this one.

We all worry when it comes to our health and Toshiba wants to ease our worries a bit with their new disease-detecting breathalyzer. The only thing is that it’s only available in Japan at the moment. The breathalyzer can supposedly detect a bunch of diseases in just under 30 seconds after one blows into the machine that’s the size of a small dishwasher. It features a nozzle where the users blow several times to analyze the puffs for traces of several gasses that can signal the presence of a variety of diseases, such as diabetes, stomach problems and even a hangover (as if you need to officially be diagnosed with that). In a company statement, Toshiba said that the machine is irradiated with an infrared laser that will trace gasses to detect any ailments. The gases traced include acetaldehyde, methane and acetone, all of which can point to the presence of various health problems. Of course, the company will continue to expand the number of gases and diseases the machine can detect and will start commercial production on it within the next year.

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